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Temporary Notice on the closure of 'The Minder Lounge'

A big thank you to all the posters on the old forum for your time and effort. As a former moderator I appreciate the time and daily banter we have shared there. There was clearly a breakdown in certain people's willingness to get along there and the recent notice posted about closure is in my opinion only one side of events. This all began with a falling out between certain individuals on 'The Sweeney Lounge'. The closure of the old forum was not my idea and I believe that no one person is ever bigger than a forum. Many things have been said there and lots of things are not nice to read. With many conflicting parties both on and off forum and an unwillingness to communicate to smooth it over due to grudges held, my position as moderator was untenable if I was to remain impartial. Despite trying to bring two sides together and help out, I now see my login has been removed from the place I once contributed regularly. This is a real shame - I have never taken anyone's side and believe the role of a moderator is to assist when two or more parties fall out. All I ever wanted is for everyone to get along and did my best to try and make this happen.

All I have ever wanted is to chat about the show and if you feel the same, I would ask please respect your fellow fans and keep frustrations off public forums (and notices) - it does nothing to help improve a situation, particularly when the FULL facts are not in the public domain. It is wrong to judge with only half the facts.

Despite my login being removed from all areas of the TV Lounge (without any warning) - I would just like to thank kmpowell for our association over the last 7 years. I do not hold grudges and as a fellow fan of those shows (even with my login removed), I wish the two remaining lounges every success. All I can ever do for people is be honest and try to help things along.

This should apply to EVERYONE, regardless of who you know off forum and wherever you may post. I do not condone bad behaviour on forums and believe in FAIR PLAY for everyone based on ALL the facts (which go way beyond what people read in posts there). As the middle man, the only option was to migrate where this conflict is over and all who wish to join me and what I believe in are welcome to come along! No one should take sides - this is about a TV show. It is only through dialogue that conflict is resolved and this must be done off a public forum, as adults. We can all get along, if we try.

Thanks again to all forum users both old and new for your time and contributions to the show and for those who have been supportive during this difficult time. I believe we should respect every minute that people spend online contributing to this show, forums thrive on those members that contribute content and if problems occur we must learn to sort out them out off forum like adults and not war publicly. So, come on folks, let's continue to chat about this show called 'Minder' - the greatest show ever. If you agree with what I've said here then you will be very welcome on the new forum!

Cheers, jno

P.S. This notice will be removed in due course and I hope ALL members both old and new can move on from this very sad affair having learnt something. All the best :)

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Arthur & Terry

Since 1997 minder.org has been the number one site on the web for fans of the TV show Minder and its four stars George Cole, Dennis Waterman, Gary Webster and Glynn Edwards. You can also find information about the remake of the show that starred Shane Richie and Lex Shrapnel. On this page you will find all the facts you need to know about Minder - please explore the menus and links above for much more information on the show.

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Minder Facts & Stats

Minder was created by the writer Leon Griffiths. The series was first broadcast in October 1979 and came to an end in March 1994. In 2009, a further six episodes of the show were produced with brand new characters.

The show featured four main characters during its initial run, the legendary George Cole as Arthur Daley, Dennis Waterman as his minder Terry McCann, replaced from series eight onwards by Gary Webster as Ray Daley, Arthur's nephew. The series also starred Glynn Edwards as Dave 'The Barman' Harris. During the 70s and 80s The Terry McCann Years is the original series that featured Dennis Waterman as Arthur's original hard man Minder Terry McCann. In 1991 this series was followed by The Ray Daley Years that featured Gary Webster as Arthur's nephew Ray Daley until 1994.

In 2009, Shane Richie starred in a six episode remake of Minder as Arthur's nephew Archie Daley, with his minder Jamie Cartwright played by Lex Shrapnel.

The series contained 106 regular episodes, and two feature length specials 'Minder On The Orient Express' in 1985 and 'An Officer & A Car Salesman' in 1988. Between 1979 and 1994 there were ten series. Two additional episodes also exist which are often not considered part of the original series - 'A Little Bit of Give & Take', an unbroadcast schools-only special from 1986 and 'Number', a premium bonds feature that is the only Minder related production not to feature Arthur Daley.

Series 1-10 - Classic Minder Cast

George Cole OBE as Arthur Edward Daley
George Cole OBE
as Arthur Daley
Series 1-10
Dennis Waterman as Terry McCann
Dennis Waterman
as Terry McCann
Series 1-7
Gary Webster as Ray Daley
Gary Webster
as Ray Daley
Series 8-10
Glynn Edwards as Dave 'The Barman' Harris
Glynn Edwards
as Dave 'The Barman' Harris
Series 1-10

The Law

Patrick Malahide as Albert 'Charlie' Chisholm
Patrick Malahide
as DS Albert 'Charlie' Chisholm
Series 1-7
Michael Povey as Taff Jones
Michael Povey
as DC & DS 'Taff' Jones
Series 3-7
Peter Childs as Ronnie Rycott
Peter Childs
as DC & DS Ronnie Rycott
Series 1-7
Michael Troughton as Don Melish
Michael Troughton
as DC Tom Melish
Series 4-7
Nicholas Day as DS Morley
Nicholas Day
as DS Michael Morley
Series 8-9
Stephen Tompkinson as DC Johnny Park
Stephen Tompkinson
as DC Johnny Park
Series 8
Jonty Stephens as DC Phil Field
Jonty Stephens
as DC Andy Field
Series 9
Jonty Stephens as DC Phil Field
James Warrior
as DS Rogerson
Series 10

Reoccuring Characters

George Layton as Des
George Layton
as Des
Series 1-3
Gennie Nevinson as Penny
Gennie Nevinson
as Penny
Series 1-2
Diana Malin as Debbie Mitchell
Diana Malin
as Debbie Mitchell
Series 1-3
Ray Winstone as Arnie
Ray Winstone
as Arnie
Series 4-7
Mark Farmer as Justin James
Mark Farmer
as Justin James
Series 5-7
Royce Mills as Andrew
Royce Mills
as Andrew
Series 4-7
Emma Cunningham as Gloria
Emma Cunnigham
as Gloria
Series 8-9
Sidney Livingstone as Bert Daley
Sidney Livingstone
as Bert Daley
Series 8-10
Lill Roughley as Doreen Daley
Lill Roughley
as Doreen Daley
Series 8-10
Jake Wood as Wasp
Jake Wood
as Wasp
Series 10

Series 11 - The Archie Daley Series

Shane Richie as Archie Daley
Shane Richie
as Archie Daley
Series 11
Lex Shrapnel as Jamie Cartwright
Lex Shrapnel
as Jamie Cartwright
Series 11

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