050. Goodbye Sailor - Written by Andrew Payne #5.1
Directed by Francis Megahy

Goodbye Sailor

First Broadcast in the UK: 5th September 1984

Cast: Glynn Edwards as Dave, Moray Watson as Commander Hawksly, Patrick Malahide as Chisholm, Ray Winstone as Arnie, Sarah Berger as Penny, Michael Povey as D.C. Jones, Reginald Marsh as Johnny Winstanley, Rashid Karapiet as Larry Patel, Anthony Langdon as Harry Baily, Fqreddie Stuart as Van Driver, Marc Gebhard as Antoine, Peter Rutherford as Large Man, Bill Treacher as Punter, Derrick Fincham as Customs Man, Sandra Kneller as Secretary (Angela)

Story: When Arthur lands a deal to purchase a large amount of smuggled tobacco, he sends Terry and Arnie off to the coast to meet a Commander Hawksly to collect it. As usual, Arthur has not put Terry entirely in the picture. Meanwhile back on the manor, Chisholm and Jones are in hot pursuit of stolen football boots, stolen from a close friend of their Chief Superintendent and throughout the course of their investigations have become aware that Arthur is involved. When Terry discovers the tobacco is illegal and that the police are on to Arthur and Hawksly's plan, he decides to throw the whole lot overboard only to collect it later once it has washed up on the shore.

Facts: This is the second and the start of a more regular set of appearances by Ray Winstone as Arnie. The bulk of this episode is filmed outside London at Buckler's Hard, an 18th century village near Beaulieu in Hampshire, where warships were built for Nelson's Navy. For more information on the location, visit their website here. This episode features a memorable line from Arnie "It's the River Filth!" referring to a police boat. Moray Watson would also star alongside Dennis Waterman again in 1993 in an episode of 'Stay Lucky' as would Sarah Berger (Penny) who appeared alongside Dennis Waterman in the very first episode of 'New Tricks' in 2003.

Bloopers: Listen carefully to Larry Patel, the newsagent owner at the start of this episode. His voice has clearly been redubbed at a later stage.

#5.1 Episode Locations

051. What Makes Shamy Run? - Written by Leon Griffiths #5.2
Directed by Terry Green

What Makes Shamy Run?

First Broadcast in the UK: 12th September 1984

Cast: Glynn Edwards as Dave, Art Malik as Shamy, Patrick Malahide as Chisholm, Madhav Harma as Mr Mitra, Michael Povey as DC 'Taff' Jones, Jacqueline Reddin as Gayle, Chrissie Cotterill as Denise, Robbie Coltrane as Mr. Henry, Fred Evans as The Syrup, Albert Moses as Ajit Desai, Stacy Davies as Smudger, Mike McCabe as Hotel Manager, Moti Makan as Indian in Pub, Ishaq Bux as Elderly Indian Man, Rani Singh as Indian Housewife, Francesca Whitburn as Betting Shop Settler

Story: When shifty Indian 'Shamy' settles his 500 pound debt with Arthur using forged notes, Chisholm's suspicions are aroused when he is at the Winchester at the precise moment Arthur unknowingly uses one to pay Dave. When Arthur and Terry approach Shamy, he tells them he owes a lot of people a lot of money but can settle it all if he can sell pirate copies of a master tape of a Indian movie by selling it in Bombay. Meanwhile, Arthur has decided to set up the Daley School Of Motoring, although his first pupil is not really what he expected.

Facts: A lot of this episode is seen in around the Brick Lane area of Tower Hamlets, in particular one small stretch of shops between number 67 on the one side to number 120 on the other. The Brick Lane area has always had a large Indian and Bangladeshi community. For more details see our locations page. This episode is the first in series 5 to feature Terry's Capri EUC 223V.

Bloopers: Two minor car parking bloopers. At the start of this episode Arthur happily parks his Daimler outside 67 Brick Lane, the "Modern Saree Centre". However, when he returns to the same location later on in the day with Terry (around 12m21s), he is seen with Terry outside the same shop and his car is not parked there despite the space being free.

Watch closely also when Shamy steals the video. As he gets into Terry's car and they head off they do so the wrong way down a one street! Local Minder fan John G who has lived in the area all his life says as far back as he can remember Hanbury Street has always been a one way street. The fact that every car is also parked in an opposite direction in the episode itself would also seem to suggest this.

#5.2 Episode Locations

052. A Number Of Old Wives Tales - Written by Tony Hoare #5.3
Directed by Francis Megahy

A Number Of Old Wives Tales

First Broadcast in the UK: 17th September 1984

Cast: Glynn Edwards as Dave, Patrick Mower as 'Confident' Clive Cosgrove, Patrick Malahide as Chisholm, Ray Winstone as Arnie, Vivienne Ritchie as Angie, Sue Holderness as Laura, Kate Williams as Mary, Belinda Sinclair as Mavis, Gary Holton as Barry, Jonathan Kydd as Ernie, Michael Povey as Jones, Kenneth Waller as Roland, David Weston as Peter, Michael Attwell as Harry, Bill Moody as Man with Car, Su Elliot as Housewife, Peter Dennis as Geoffrey, Una Brandon-Jones as Elderly Lady.

Story: Arthur is doing some business with 'Confident' Clive Cosgrove. With Clive's wedding to Angie on Saturday, Clive has asked Arthur to give the bride away and Terry to be his best man. With Arthur already on board, Terry agrees. Meanwhile, Arnie has successfully convinced Arthur to lend him some money to buy a new pick up truck in order to start collecting abandoned cars around the area. When Angie's ex-husband arrives at the registry office, there is a scuffle that results in photographs appearing in a local newspaper. It soon transpires that Clive has been married several times before and is a bigamist. When his other wives see the newspaper report, everyone is soon on the look out for 'Confident' Clive Cosgrove, including Chisholm. Sadly for Arthur, Clive has still not paid him for his bit of business.

Facts: Kenneth Waller who plays Roland is more recognisable to some as Grandad from the popular 1980s BBC comedy "Bread". Gary Holton, who plays Laura's brother Barry is best known for his role as Wayne Norris in the original series of "Auf Wiedersehen Pet". Sue Holderness is best known for her role as Marlene Boyce in the BBC comedy 'Only Fools & Horses'.

Double Take: Sue Holderness's picture previously appeared on the wall of the Winchester Club in #1.1 'Gunfight At The OK Laundrette'.

Bloopers: Despite Ray Winstone having quite a large part in this episode as Arnie, he seems to have been omitted from the opening titles and the end credits. A second minor blooper can be seen as Terry and Clive drive to Mary's café - if you look out of the window behind Patrick Mower you can see they pass the same location twice. Watch out for a third blooper at 07m17s, when Terry tells Clive "You're getting married Saturday" outside Mary's café - there are two very interested on-lookers watching the action in a gas works lorry directly behind Dennis Waterman.

#5.3 Episode Locations

053. The Second Time Around - Written by Geoffrey Case #5.4
Directed by Roy Ward Baker

The Second Time Around

First Broadcast in the UK: 24th September 1984

Cast: Glynn Edwards as Dave, Beryl Reid as Ruby Hubbard, Bill Maynard as Barney Todd, John Landry as Ronnie Todd, Fiona Mollison as Susan Hall, Ivor Roberts as Jack Hodgson, Dot Rubin as Jane Lugg, Nigel Le Vaillant as Andy, Peter Birrel as John Scott, Barry Martin as Tony Strong, David Webb as John Draham, Sara Heliane Elliot as Temp, Erika Hoffman as Faith

Story: After his old pal Ronnie Todd contacts him, Arthur realises he has mistakenly sold a Georgian dining suite and sofa to a contact in Belgium as Ronnie's dad claimed to own it when he didn't. The suite actually belongs to the famous novelist Lorraine Masters (real name Ruby Hubbard and Ronnie's mother-in-law) who has been abroad for a while but has decided to return to England after a 15 year absence to write a new novel. While Arthur is doing his best to obtain a "mock Georgian" from Tony Strong and ensure the sale of the suite is not revealed, he tells Terry he has persuaded Ruby that she needs a minder, as this would be ideal for her to insider information on the criminal fraternity, perfect for her new novel. Ruby soon convinces Terry he should stay with her in the meantime.

When the remainder of Ruby's furniture goes missing it soon transpires that Ruby's husband Barney has sold the house to a religious group known as "The New Divine Light Movement". With Ruby upset by the sale of the house, Terry tells Arthur to track Barney down. Arthur soon realises that his old pal and Barney's son Ronnie is also involved in the shenanigans surrounding the sale of the house. When Barney returns from Spain, Arthur tracks Barney down and offers Barney the chance to patch things up with Ruby.

Facts: Fiona Mollison who plays Susan Hall would later appear as a semi-regular alongside Dennis Waterman in his 90s sitcom series "On The Up". A great line in this episode when Terry visits dodgy furniture maker Tony Strong and asks "Is this Georgian?" to which Strong replies, "Yes, George made it last week". This is not a typical Minder-type story and as a result it is not a favourite among Minder fans. The title "The Second Time Around" is a clever title that refers to the fact that the book that Ruby ends up delivering is the same story as a novel she wrote main years before. It also refers to the outcome of the episode which sees Ruby and Barney drive off together possibly for a new life together the second time around.

Bloopers: When Terry and Ruby are at the restaurant at around 18m12s, listen to Beryl Reid who seems to fluff her lines slightly. Also when Susan Hall (Fiona Mollison) introduces herself she says she's been sent by the publisher, Mr. Scott when in fact been the company name of her publisher (who we see twice in this episode) was "Norman & Page".

#5.4 Episode Locations

054. Second Hand Pose - Written by Tony Hoare #5.5
Directed by Roy Ward Baker

Second Hand Pose

First Broadcast in the UK: 10th October 1984

Cast: Glynn Edwards as Dave, Billy Murray as Charlie Pope, Stacy Dorning as Abigail Collins, David Warbeck as Roger Collins, Peter Childs as Rycott, Michael Troughton as DC Melish, Ann Morrish as Miss Turner, Andrew Lodge as John Rawlings, Tilly Vosburgh as Mary Tate, Johnny Shannon as Roly-Poly Peter, Roy Boyd as Bill, Tim Pearce as Ben, Eileen Nicholas as Jane, Roger Nott as Ambulance Attendant, Philip Shelley as Policeman

Story: When Arthur mistakenly leaves Terry locked in a freezer and subsequently forgets to collect him from the hospital, Terry wants nothing more to do with Arthur and starts work with second-hand furniture dealer Charlie Pope. After estate agent John Rawlings' dizzy receptionist Mary accidentally gives Charlie the wrong key to a flat that requires emptying after its owner has passed away (flat "9" instead of a flat "6"), Charlie decides to steal its contents using Terry as a stooge to help him shift it. Terry is unaware of what has happened as Charlie had asked him to collect the removal trolley at the time he illegal entered the wrong flat. Charlie returns to the estate agent and as Mary is worried about the consequences of handing out the wrong key, Charlie and Mary agree not to mention the matter again. Charlie's luck is also in as Mary is about to go off on holiday for 2 weeks. In the meantime, estate agent John Rawlings himself returns and gives the correct key to Charlie, allowing Charlie the opportunity to completely cover his tracks. When the owner of the flat returns to find it empty she immediately reports the crime to Rycott and Melish.

Meanwhile, Arthur has been asked by local nightclub owner Roly-Poly Peter for Terry's services to stop a protection racket. While at Charlie's shop looking for Terry, Arthur purchases four of the stolen chairs from Charlie, the last of the stolen furniture which Charlie has now managed to offload. Arthur proceeds to sell the stolen chairs to Roger Collins, who has just purchased a second hand MG Metro from Arthur for his wife Abigail. While Charlie & Terry are out on another job, Charlie spots Rycott and decides to come clean with Terry. With Arthur also involved after selling the stolen chairs to Collins, Dave tells them all the only way out of the mess is to quietly return the stolen furniture. Terry and Charlie agree and eventually Arthur reluctantly does so as well. With no options left, the trio are forced to hire two conmen (Bill & Ben) to get the chairs back from Collins. Rycott seems intent on nicking Arthur as he is sure of his involvement.

Facts: There is some great use of rhyming slang in this episode - firstly after driving to the Winchester after he has collected Terry, Charlie Pope refers to his former partner Keith who is currently in prison, as being "Well elephant's at the time" - this comes from the cockney rhyming slang "Elephant's trunk" which means "drunk". Also, Terry asks Charlie if he thinks he is "Radio Rental" (mental) at the thought of him actually carrying-out his crazy idea to retrieve the stolen chairs back from Mrs Collins. This is also the first time we hear the term "shovel" (shovel and pick = nick) used as a term for prison. This is the second appearance in the series by Michael Troughton, who plays Rycott's sidekick Tom Melish. This episode features a more up-to-date 'handshake scene' across the bonnet of Arthur's Daimler between Arthur and Terry at the end of the episode, as Terry sarcastically mocks Arthur for losing two thousand pounds on the sale of the MG Metro to Collins. There was a one week gap before the first transmission of this episode as ITV showed the final part of 'The Glory Boys' special in what would have been Minder's Wednesday 9PM slot, a drama starring Rod Steiger and Anthony Perkins.

Double Take: Billy Murray also appears as a different character in #7.5 'Fiddler On The Hoof' and is probably more recognisable to British viewers as corrupt D.S. Don Beech in the long running police drama series 'The Bill'. This is the second of three appearances in the show by Johnny Shannon, who also appears in #1.4 'A Tethered Goat' and later in #7.2 'Days of Fines and Closures'.

Bloopers: None found.

#5.5 Episode Locations

055. The Long Ride Back To Scratchwood - Written by Leon Griffiths #5.6
Directed by Terry Green

The Long Ride Back To Scratchwood

First Broadcast in the UK: 17th October 1984

Cast: Mark Farmer as Justin James, Alan Hunter as Steve 'Benno' Benson, James Marcus as Phil, Jon Croft as Alisdair Frazier, Derek Martin as Cedric, David Beale as Theo Warren, Brian Haines as Tax Inspector, Nicolas Chagrin as Mario, Helen Keating as Mrs. James (Justin's Mum), Peter Needham as Joe Eldon, David Beckett as Mechanic, James Coyle as Scots Fan, Brian Binns as Autograph Hunter, Sydney Golder as Greengrocer, Annabel Price as Helga

Story: An acquaintance of Terry's, Justin James approaches Terry to contact Arthur about 2000 tickets for an England-Scotland game. Justin is in contact with former top footballer Steve 'Benno' Benson who claims he can get the tickets and wants to see them turn a quick profit. Benson had previously worked with local gangster Phil 'the ticket king' but wanted a better deal through Justin. When Arthur tells Justin he has a Scottish contact who he can offload the tickets to, Arthur ends up meeting Alisdair Frazer who tells Arthur he is better off offering the complete tour package to the Scottish supporters. The only condition attached to the sale is that Arthur has to go to Scotland to seal the deal. When their motor breaks down half way up the M1, Frazer phones ahead to discover that the tickets are forgeries and that Benson has not been telling the truth. Meanwhile Terry is being investigated by the inland revenue, and finds out that Arthur has been telling the inland revenue that Terry works as his gardener.

Facts: This is the first of five appearances in the series by Mark Farmer as Justin James, who would later appear in series six and series seven. Initially Mark was only asked to appear in this one episode but the programme producers liked his character so much they decided to bring him back again - this was confirmed by Mark Farmer when he spoke to minder.org in November 2011. Arthur more or less immediately refers to him as 'Justine'. The football ground featured in this episode is Griffin Park, home of Brentford FC. Notice that when both Arthur's gang and Phil head towards Scotland they are both in left-hand drive vehicles. Glynn Edwards does not appear in this episode.

Double Take: Derek Martin, who appears is in this episode as Phil's minder Cedric, previously appeared in an uncredited role in #1.5 'The Bounty Hunter'. James Marcus, who plays Phil 'the ticket king' first appeared as Bertie in #2.13 'Caught In The Act, Fact' and would later appear as Morrie in #7.1 'It's A Sorry Lorry Morrie'. David Beale, who plays Arthur's banker Theo Warren also appears as a different character in 'Minder On The Orient Express' and James Coyle appears as a different character in 'The Great Depression of 1994' from series 10.

Bloopers: None found.

Name That Tune: The track playing on the radio when Cedric turfs Justin out of bed is 'Trip Up' by Frank McDonald & Chris Rae.

#5.6 Episode Locations

056. Hypnotizing Rita - Written by Alan James #5.7
Directed by Terry Green

Hypnotising Rita

First Broadcast in the UK: 24th October 1984

Cast: Glynn Edwards as Dave, Donald Sumpter as Sudbury, Nicola Cowper as Rita, June Brown as Joany, Ray Burdis as Jimmy Elliot, Renu Setna as Mr. Sharma 'The Glass', Frank Williams as Mr. Chicory, Margery Withers as Lady in Flat, Sally Faulkner as Clare, Sheila Mathews as Mrs. Boswell, Michael Redfern as Driver, Charles Rea as Spriggs, Tony Calvert as Benjy, Vincent Allen as Barney

Story: After a paint deal with Mr Sharma goes bad, Arthur realises he has a major cash-flow problem and decides to call in some debts. Arthur decides to reclaim what is owed to him and visits Jimmy Elliot, a single father of two, whose carpet cleaning business has seemingly dried up. When Jimmy can't pay Arthur what he owes him, Arthur decides to take over Jimmy's business as a going concern. While discussing his plans with Terry they are interrupted by hypnotist Dr Walter Sudbury and his young employee and girlfriend Rita, on the run from Rita's two brothers. With Rita due to inherit £25,000 on her 18th birthday, her brothers are keen to catch up with Sudbury as Rita's family believe he is up to no good. Sudbury asks Arthur for Terry's help minding Rita and convinces Arthur that as a hypnotist he can make Arthur business man of the year.

Meanwhile Rita's mother Joany informs Terry that Sudbury is corrupt and had previously been a dodgy insurance salesman. Terry soon begins to change his opinion of Sudbury. In order to offset Terry's fee, Sudbury hypnotises Arthur into believing every cigar he will smoke will from now on will taste like burning rubber. When Rita's inheritance doesn't work out and Sudbury discovers there is no money, he soon disappears, leaving Terry to pick up the pieces with Rita. In the meantime, Arthur's new carpet cleaning business is taking off, with Terry designated as the one doing all the work.

Facts: This is possibly one of the weakest Terry McCann episodes of the entire run - the main villain of the plot Sudbury vanishes just after half-an-hour into the episode and is never seen paying for what he has done wrong. This is very unusual for Minder, with most stories reaching some sort of conclusion. Sadly this story's conclusion is left off-screen with Terry simply passing the address of Sudbury on to Rita's mother, played by June Brown (known to millions as Dot Cotton from the BBC's Eastenders). Two actors appeared elsewhere in the series as different characters - Ray Burdis who plays single father Jimmy Elliot appeared in #2.6 'Not A Bad Lad, Dad' and Margery Withers who played the widow in the high-rise flat whose carpet Terry cleans, would also appear in #9.11 'The Great Trilby'.

Bloopers: None found.

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#5.7 Episode Locations

057. The Balance Of Power - Written by David Yallop #5.8
Directed by Francis Megahy

The Balance Of Power

First Broadcast in the UK: 31st October 1984

Cast: Glynn Edwards as Dave, Caroline Langrishe as Julie Waters, Patrick Malahide as Chisholm, Michael Povey as D.C. Jones, Peter Woodthorpe as Lent, Clifford Rose as Cooke, Brian McDermott as Blakeney, Neville Jason as Rutherford, Nicholas Courtney as Raymond Wilkins, Michael Ripper as Commissionaire, Lennard Pearce as George, Alex McAvoy as Macintyre, Chris Sullivan as Poker Player

Story: When Arthur is put under pressure from the local council regarding the plot of land on which the car lot is situated, Arthur takes matters into his own hands and decides to stand for election as the local government councillor. In order to do this, he has to move into the ward which means moving into Terry's flat for the duration of his campaign. Terry has recently become acquainted with Julie Waters, who wants to write a story about him and his boxing career. Meanwhile Chisholm has received a tip off that Arthur is involved in a jewel fencing ring and carries out a raid on the lock-up, keeping Arthur from attending a local rally to support his campaign. With the ward Arthur is standing in holding the balance of power, there seems to be several people ready to scupper Arthur's chance of election and Julie discovers that local reporter Lent is attempting to bring Arthur's campaign down around him. As a result, Arthur sets about keeping Lent drunk until polling day arrives.

Although Arthur wins the election, he is later disqualified for over spending on his campaign, handing out too many free boxes of chocolates while on the campaign trail.

Facts: This episode features the late Lennard Pearce, who is probably best known for his role as Grandad in the BBC series 'Only Fools & Horses'. As with the previous episode, this one falls short in terms of what most fans consider a decent ending to the plot - George Cole would repeat the role of an independent candidate in the 90s TV series 'An Independent Man', in which ultimately results in him becoming the local independent candidate. This is the third time that Chisholm appears in the main run of the fifth series, with only one appearance by Peter Childs as Rycott until this point.

Bloopers: None found.

#5.8 Episode Locations

058. Around The Corner - Written by Tony Hoare #5.9
Directed by Roy Ward Baker

Around The Corner

First Broadcast in the UK: 26th December 1984 - Christmas Special

Cast: Glynn Edwards as Dave, Peter Childs as Rycott, Patrick Malahide as Chisholm, Colin Farrell as Tasty Tim, Michael Povey as D.C. Jones, Michael Troughton as D.C. Melish, Tony Caunter as D.I. Norton, Brian Capron as Fred, Jeff Pirie as Ted, Arthur Whybrow as Paddy Hurley, Joy Lemoine as Lady in Flat, Sidney Kean as Harry

Story: When Paddy Hurley can't pay Arthur what he owes him, he offers Arthur the opportunity of owning a greyhound instead. Arthur accepts the offer of "Daley's Deal", but soon discovers it's a non-starter. At the Winchester, Tasty Tim offers Arthur the chance of some cheap video recorders, courtesy of his two pals Fred & Ted - recommended as two nice blokes by Dave, due to them spending a lot at the Winchester. Down at the nick, both Chisholm and Rycott have received information regarding the sale of dodgy video recorders from an unknown source. After a dodgy meeting with Fred & Ted in which is distracted, Arthur soon realises Fred & Ted have conned him to the tune of three and a half thousand pounds. Terry follows Tasty Tim and eventually tracks down Fred & Ted and gets Arthur his money back. Realising Tasty Tim has had one over on all of them and with Fred & Ted now on side knowing Tasty Tim is a grass, all four set about setting up Tasty Tim for one last time.

Facts: This episode features the infamous car crash scene between Chisholm & Rycott and is an extremely well written script by Tony Hoare that includes the complete cast of regular characters. Tony Caunter who plays DI Norton in the episode would later reappear in #6.5 'From Fulham With Love'. In this episode we see DC Jones seeking refuge in the Winchester Club, fed up working with Chisholm, Jones almost becomes friends with Arthur & Terry - a theme which would continue later in series 7. Colin Farrell would later appear in the #9.7 'How to Succeed in Business Without Really Retiring'. His character name 'Tasty Tim' would also feature in the series 11 episode 'A Matter of Life & Debt', although the two are not related. Arthur Whybrow who played dog owner Paddy Hurley would later appear as different characters in both 'Minder On The Orient Express' and #8.6 'The Last Temptation of Daley'.

Bloopers: None found.

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#5.9 Episode Locations

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