109. Better The Devil You Know - Written by Tim Loane #11.1
Directed by David Innes Edwards

Better The Devil You Know

First Broadcast in the UK: 4th February 2009

Cast: Shane Richie as Archie Daley, Lex Shrapnel as Jamie Cartwright, Jenna Russell as Petra Bennett, Paul Brooke as Dickie Mint, Christian Lees and Jonah Lees as Kieran Bennett, Josette Simon as DI Murray, Gavin Brockner as Nick Gold, Nick Court as Mark Gold, John Benshaw as Councillor Conway, Jamie Kenna as Bob

Story: Archie Daley is being threatened by the Gold Brothers, who are ordering him to force his friend Petra Bennett to sell them her pub. On the run from their heavies, he gets a cab from Jamie Cartwright who after talking to Archie in the cab decides to help him out. Trouble ensues when it turns out that the Gold Brothers have a dodgy contact in the local planning department of the council, Councillor Conway, who also wants to see the pub sold to the Gold Brothers. When Archie and Jamie decide to take positive action against the Golds, Jamie is accidentally caught stealing on CCTV and ends up in the local nick. Archie enlists the help of his lawyer Dickie Mint, who gets Jamie out of the police station with Archie posting bail for him. As they return from the police station to see Petra they discover the pub is on fire and Jamie rescues Petra and her son from the flames.

With the odds stacked against them, Archie, Jamie and Petra set a plan in motion to trap the Gold Brothers and Conway for good. With his cab repaired after being damaged by the Gold Brothers, Archie offers a Jamie a more permanent job with him and offers him a flat. When Jamie asks why Archie is helping him out, Archie tells him that someone did the same for him once.

Facts: No direct references are made to the original Minder show in this episode, although the viewer is left to think that the person who once helped Archie out and gave him a chance was indeed his uncle Arthur. Petra also tells Jamie that Archie used to run errands for her dad, who the viewer is meant to think is Dave the barman - although Dave is not mentioned by name at any point in the episode. Jenna Russell who plays Petra Bennett had previously worked with Dennis Waterman in 'On The Up'.

Double Take: Paul Brooke who plays Archie's lawyer Dickie Mint previously as 'Hamster' in #4.3 'High Drains Pilferer'.

Bloopers: Not strictly a blooper but if you watch the taxi chase at the start of this episode you will see they pass the same location many times. Also, look closely at Jamie's cab when it is supposedly repaired at the end of the episode, there is still a slight dent in the top of the driver's door.

#11.1 Episode Locations

110. In Vino Veritas - Written by Tim Loane #11.2
Directed by David Innes Edwards

In Vino Veritas

First Broadcast in the UK: 11th February 2009

Cast: Shane Richie as Archie Daley, Lex Shrapnel as Jamie Cartwright, Jenna Russell as Petra Bennett, Rik Mayall as Maurice Robinson, Meera Syal as Jess Robinson, Dorian Healy as Edward 'Teddy B' Butler, Michelle Butterly as Angelica Butler, Meryl Fernandes as Roxy Robinson, James Cartwright as Neil Butler, Michael Begley as Orson, Michael Simkins as Charles Cupid, Simon Scardifield as Cop

Story: When his old mate Maurice turns up at the lockup, Archie assures Maurice that there is no problem with the supply of wine for his Roxy, his daughter, at her wedding. When Maurice explains his concerns to Archie that the groom, Neil might let Roxy down on the day Jamie is employed to keep an eye on him. Jamie soon discovers Neil having a conversation with notorious loan shark, 'Teddy B'. When Neil doesn't appear at his wedding Archie and Jamie manage to find him only to discover that he is not in debt and that in fact Teddy B is really his father and that he didn't want him at his wedding. In a turn of fate, it soon turns out that it is in fact Maurice that owes money to the loan shark. Bankrupt and suicidal, Archie is forced to help save Maurice from himself.

Facts: When Archie and Jamie return to Petra's pub Archie discovers the name of the pub has been changed to 'The Winchester'. Archie tells Petra, 'Dave'd be proud of you sweetheart' leaving the viewer to ponder on whether Dave is still around or not. The title of this episode translates into English as "in wine there is truth" i.e. when you drink wine, you will indeed say what you really think.

Double Take: Dorian Healy (Teddy B) previously appeared in #8.5 'Guess Who's Coming To Pinner?'.

Bloopers: Although Archie's lawyer Dickie Mint (played by Paul Brooke) is at 'The Winchester' in the final scenes, he is not credited at the end of the episode.

#11.2 Episode Locations

111. The Art Of The Matter - Written by Tim Loane #11.3
Directed by Karl Neilson

The Art Of The Matter

First Broadcast in the UK: 18th February 2009

Cast: Shane Richie as Archie Daley, Lex Shrapnel as Jamie Cartwright, Jenna Russell as Petra Bennett, Maureen Lipman as Anita Richardson, David Ross as Brian Richardson, Camilla Arfwedsonas as Henriette Phillips, Nickolas Grace as Tasty Tim, Rory Kinnear as DI Peter Willoughby, Josette Simon as DI Murray, Mark Tandy as Auctioneer, John Warnaby as Caulfield

Story: Acquiring furniture from hard up pensioners Anita and Brian Richardson, Archie uncovers some graffiti on the bedroom wallpaper. He later has this authenticated as being the work of 'Banksy', a former lodger at the Richardsons' house. Archie soon decided to set up his own art exhibition in order to display the masterpiece, where an employee informs him it is worth a fortune. When Jamie find Brian painting in his garage, the Richardsons are forced to come clean to Archie, explaining that it is a forgery by Brian. Things turn bad for Archie when fraud officer Inspector Willoughby believes Archie could be an underworld forged art dealer, known as 'Picasso'. Archie thinks his only way out of the problem is to steal the false Banksy back from the gallery before the truth is out.

Facts: A great scene at the end of this episode where Archie is being chased in an ice-cream van. Rory Kinnear's father, Roy Kinnear appeared in two episodes of the original Minder and sadly Rory Kinnear's character Willoughby is only ever seen in this one episode.

Bloopers: When Archie escapes at the end of the episode in the ice cream van he seems more than happy about leaving his lockup unlocked as he drives away. Also, despite giving the police the slip they still seem to know he has arrived at the service station to meet Jamie and the Richardsons. Also watch very carefully at the scene straight after you return to 'Part 4' of the episode, the street that Archie drives the ice cream van out of, is in fact the same street he drives into moments later just before handing out free ice cream to the kids.

#11.3 Episode Locations

112. A Matter Of Life And Debt - Written by Tim Loane #11.4
Directed by David Innes Edwards

A Matter Of Life And Debt

First Broadcast in the UK: 25th February 2009

Cast: Shane Richie as Archie Daley, Lex Shrapnel as Jamie Cartwright, Jenna Russell as Petra Bennett, Paul Brooke as Dickie Mint, Jayne Wisener as Maria Grant, Steve Pemberton as Vlad the Imposter, Tom Bennett as Hugo Grant, Stuart Bowman as Chan Donovan, David Brammer as Dr. Crippen, Clare Higgins as Liz Grant, Edna Doré as Veronica

Story: Archie and Jamie are at the funeral of Harry Grant. Before his death Harry owed Archie several thousand pounds. At the will reading, Harry has left most of his estate to his beloved cats much to the annoyance of his ex-wife Liz, son Hugo and his younger Irish widow Maria. Following the funeral, Archie gives Jamie the job of minding Maria. After a confrontation outside The Winchester with Hugo, Archie is convinced that before his death, Harry had hidden stolen diamonds despite none of his remaining family knowing anything about them. Maria also seems to think there could be some diamonds and Archie seems to believe that the only way to find them is to contact Harry beyond the grave.

After enquiring with Petra, Archie visits fake medium 'Vlad the Impostor' who gives Archie a clue that that the diamonds were 'worn by girls.' Harry referred to his cats as his girls and the one he loved most died recently and was buried in a graveyard. Maria recalls that Harry may have buried the cat in a diamond-studded collar, so everyone rushes to be the first to get to the cat's last resting place.

Facts: Archie seems to be trying to get fit in this episode, and gets a check up from his doctor, called Doctor Crippen. This is obviously a reference to Doctor Hawley Harvey Crippen, an American physician hanged in London for the murder of his wife in 1910.

Bloopers: None found.

#11.4 Episode Locations

113. Thank Your Lucky Stars - Written by Tim Loane and Jeff Povey #11.5
Directed by Karl Neilson

Thank Your Lucky Stars

First Broadcast in the UK: 4th March 2009

Cast: Shane Richie as Archie Daley, Lex Shrapnel as Jamie Cartwright, Jenna Russell as Petra Bennett, Clive Wood as Felix Cornell, Rachael Stirling as Eve Cornell, Philip Barantini as Wes Gray, Jamie Foreman as Danny Blake, Adrian Scarborough as Harvey Stevenson, Frank Mills as Eric, Chloe Bale as Dealer

Story: Archie organises a charity launch and fashion event at the lockup for millionaire Felix Cornell. The event has been set up for Felix's wife Eve, a former model, who believes that their clothing range should be produced fairly without exploitation. During the event, Felix invites Archie to play poker with him and when Archie loses he is forced to hand over a Porsche he is looking after for his old gangster pal Danny Blake. The car is intended as a present for Danny Blake's son which leaves Archie in a very sticky situation when he finds out Danny is to return in a just a few days.

When Archie asks Felix for the car back, Felix offers Archie the chance of a rematch at his stately home. Knowing that Jamie has learnt a few things about poker in prison, Archie asks Jamie to pretend to be Mr. De Lisle in order to team up against Felix at the rematch. During their time at Felix's mansion, Eve begins to suspect that there is more to Felix than meets the eye and Jamie tells her that he has first hand evidence that Felix has tried to kill Wes Gray, who claims he can expose Felix for using sweatshops to produce his clothing.

Facts: Clive Wood who plays Felix in this episode has had many appearances on British television over the years, and is probably more recognisable as DCI Wray in 'The Bill', Matt Kerr in 'Press Gang' or Jack Morgan in 'London's Burning'.

Double Take: Frank Mills who plays hapless doorman Eric previously appeared as Wendy's sidekick in #4.10 'Get Daley', and as Arthur's barber Len in #8.9 'The Greatest Show in Willesden' and #9.6 'Gone With The Winchester' - he is one of only two actors (the other being Linal Haft, see below) that have appeared in every guise of Minder.

Bloopers: On the original showing of this episode the 'ad cap' (screen picture) that introduced the viewer to 'Part 2' actually read "End of Part 2" - obviously overlooked by someone on the production team.

#11.5 Episode Locations

114. Till Debt Do Us Part - Written by Tim Loane #11.6
Directed by David Innes Edwards

Till Debt Do Us Part

First Broadcast in the UK: 11th March 2009

Cast: Shane Richie as Archie Daley, Lex Shrapnel as Jamie Cartwright, Jenna Russell as Petra Bennett, Josie Lawrence as Delilah Daley, Paul Brooke as Dickie Mint, Liam Bergin as Carlo Rocks, Richie Campbell as Ryan Doyle, Garry Cooper as Jacko, Linal Haft as Spike, Josette Simon as DI Murray

Story: Delilah Daley, Archie's wife is threatening to drag Archie's financial records and dodgy dealings through the courts unless he pays her off with a hefty divorce settlement. In order to raise the cash, Archie believes he can win it by betting on a fight and training his own fighter to win. Archie has seen reports of a good up and coming boxer named Carlo Rocks and believes that his own boxer Ryan Doyle can beat him under the guidance of former junior champion boxer Jamie.

While Jamie is training Ryan, Archie sets about raising some cash by selling the contents of his lock-up. Delilah sees Archie's attempt to beat Carlo as a direct insult to her as it soon prevails that Carlo and Delilah are together. In revenge for Archie upsetting her, Delilah sets Ryan up by flirting with him in a pub and asking Carlo to pick her up. When Carlo arrives, he gives Ryan the kicking of his life, unable to take part in the fight. This leaves Archie with no option but to ask Jamie to step in and fight Carlo in the ring.

Before the fight begins, Archie tells Jamie he has placed all his money on Carlo and asks Jamie to throw the fight. Jamie tells Archie he has never taken a fall for anyone and that Archie should have known better than to have even asked him. When Delilah upsets Archie ringside, Archie decides that he now wants Jamie to win and for a short time his support does spur Jamie into knocking Carlo down. As a result of this, Jamie loses self-control, something he had previously mentioned to Ryan as very important earlier in the episode. Rocks returns from the fall and knocks Jamie out, with Jamie losing the fight.

After the fight, Jamie tells Archie he did it for him and that their partnership is over for good with Jamie thinking Archie just uses people for his own benefit. Jamie offers the fee from the fight to Ryan and when Ryan explains that as a result of his injuries, Carlo has destroyed his boxing career forever, Jamie tracks Carlo down and beats him up on the street. With Jamie facing the possibility of going down, the only option for Archie to save him is to ask Carlo to drop the charges. Delilah tells Archie she will get him drop the charges if he pays her double what she originally wanted from a divorce settlement. Archie agrees, leaving him without a penny. As Jamie is released by the police, Archie greets him outside and the two drive off together, Jamie seeming to have forgiven him.

Facts: While Archie is surfing the net looking for potential contenders he comes across a news article stating that "Cartwright gets on the wrong side of the law", dated 21st July 2001. The article states that Jamie, a former junior champion boxer, was standing trial for GBH, having been in a pub brawl with the boyfriend of his mother. It also stated that Jamie had pleaded guilty to the charges, though he claimed he was provoked. In this episode we learn that Archie and Delilah have been married for 15 years, do not have any children but do have a dog.

Without a penny to his name, Archie refers to his Uncle Arthur and tells Petra 'if he could see me now'. This is the only direct reference to Arthur throughout the whole of series 11. The last 15 minutes of the episode are indeed probably the most emotional scenes of the whole series with Archie realising that Jamie is a real friend and that he means far more to him than any amount of money.

Double Take: Linal Haft who plays Boxing expert Spike previously appeared in three episodes of the original Minder series: #3.13 'In', #6.7 'Minder On The Orient Express' and #10.1 'A Fridge Too Far' - who along with Frank Mills are the only actors to have appeared in every guise of Minder - The Terry McCann Years, The Ray Daley Years and The Archie Daley series.

Bloopers: None found.

#11.6 Episode Locations

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