003. The Smaller They Are - Written by Leon Griffiths #1.3
Directed by Roy Ward Baker

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An acquiantance of Arthur's, Scotch Harry has successfully stolen a suitcase full of cash at an airport terminal but was unfortunately spotted by DC Rycott. Scotch Harry's friend Big Stan tracks down Arthur and Terry to ask for help. Seeing an earner, Arthur offers to help return the cash to its owner minus a few expenses, of course. Things soon turn nasty when it transpires the suitcase was stolen from an organised gang smuggling forged money across Europe.

Cast: Glynn Edwards as Dave, Phil McCall as Scotch Harry, Hans Meyer as Maurice Bonnet, Dave Jackson as Big Stan, Peter Childs as DC Rycott, Osmund Bullock as Brian, Susan Vanner as Kim, Chris Jenkinson as Eric, Hilary Ryan as Airline Receptionist, Michael Segal as Hotel Manager, George Tovey as Pub Landlord

Uncredited: Eric Kent as Man at the 'Market Bar' pub at 34m31s.

Facts: Here we see The Winchester Club for the first time and are introduced to DC Rycott, played by the late Peter Childs. Rycott would appear in 15 episodes of Minder in total. The original script for this episode suggests that Rycott was originally known as 'Ryman' and that this name has been crossed out and replaced with Rycott in the script (possibly by director Roy Ward Baker). Unlike further episodes, there is a suggestion in this episode that Rycott is corrupt.

The original script for this episode also provides some background to the Winchester Club, saying that (sic) "The Winchester is your standard after-hours drinking club and was featured briefly in the first episode of the series. It is run by Dave, an ex-boxer in his mid-fifties and his glamorous forty year old wife, Eileen." In this episode we also see Arthur passing comment about women other than 'er indoors - firstly at the Winchester Club at the start of the episode and secondly at the airport terminal with the check-in attendant. This is something that disappears as the series continues. Arthur also mentions that Terry is unfamiliar with Rycott at this point in the series.

Filming Dates: Monday 28th May - Friday 8th June 1979 (confirmed) - the third episode to be filmed in this series.

Double Take: Phil McCall would reprise his role as Scotch Harry in #6.3 The Return Of The Invincible Man. Dave Jackson also stars as two different characters in both #6.1 Give Us This Day Arthur Daley's Bread and #8.4 Three Cons Make A Mountain. Hans Meyer also stars in #6.7 Minder On The Orient Express.

Bloopers: Many bloopers exist in this episode, mostly continuation bloopers. At 08m44s when Scotch Harry first runs out of the terminal and crosses the road, the woman waiting at the traffic lights opposite just magically appears and the traffic changes as the scene has obviously been cut. Also, when Scotch Harry is out of breath on the corner, the children playing outside the Lyons Supermarket opposite weren't there a few seconds before when he ran down the street - notice how the camera attempts to keep them out of the shot! Also, when Rycott picks up Scotch Harry at the 'The Market Bar' and puts him in the car it is raining - just two seconds later it seems to have stopped. Also, when Arthur and Terry arrive at the Fontwell for the showdown with the gang and spot Rycott, an American car is parked behind them. When Terry turns around to look for Rycott's pals there is the infamous brown Ford Cortina parked behind them (see our Dodgy Motors section) with covered parking meters. Seconds later when they walk over to greet Rycott the American car is back and the parking meters have gone.

Title: From the English phrase 'The bigger they are, the harder they fall'.

German Title: Immer auf die Kleinen.
Episode 7 of 16 shown in Germany on ARD.

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