004. A Tethered Goat - Written by Murray Smith #1.4
Directed by James Gatward

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 Terry is asked to guard Arab banker Sayin who is deeply involved in politics. Sayin doesn't believe Terry makes a very good bodyguard as he doesn't carry a gun. With a rich banker in town, Arthur sees a money-making opportunity and it soon becomes apparent that things are not as they seem and both Arthur & Terry soon become involved in a nasty double-cross which could cost them their lives.

Cast: Lee Montague as Bassam Sayin, Kenneth Griffith as Dai Llewellyn, Michael Sheard as Elliot, Nadim Sawalha as Sardi, Jenny Lee-Wright as Frankie, Johnny Shannon as George, Mohamed Sultan as Asif, Ian Collier as 1st Police Sergeant, David Millet as 2nd Police Sergeant, Patrick Jordan as Police Inspector

Uncredited: Joe Santo as terrorist with bandaged arm, Harry 'Aitch' Fielder as Policeman at end (directing traffic).

Facts: This is the first time we see Arthur at his original car lot location on the junction of Augustine Road and Dewhurst Road W14, in Hammersmith. Arthur also seems to be in an office for parts of the episode. An excellent performance in this episode by the late Kenneth Griffith as alcoholic man-servant Dai Llewellyn, his line "Terry, shooters! Oh my god!" has to be one of the best lines in this episode. A truly great actor. The late Michael Sheard who plays Elliot is probably best known for his role as Mr Bronson in the long running BBC children's series 'Grange Hill'. He had very many roles in film and television over the years and it is worth checking out his IMDb record. Jenny Lee-Wright who appears in this episode as dancer 'Frankie' went on to become a successful foley artist and has provided sound effects for many films including 'Muppet Treasure Island' and James Bond 'Die Another Day'. Glynn Edwards does not appear in this episode. Nadim Sawalha is the father of Julia Sawalha of 'Absolutely Fabulous' fame.

Filming Dates: June/early July or August 1979 (likely).

Double Take: Lee Montague (Sayin) also stars in #8.11 The Odds Couple. Johnny Shannon (George) also stars in #5.5 Second Hand Pose and #7.2 Days Of Fines & Closures. Harry 'Aitch' Fielder (uncredited) also pops up in #2.7 The Beer Hunter, #3.4 Looking For Micky, #3.6 Another Bride, Another Groom and #5.6 The Long Ride Back To Scratchwood. Nadim Sawalha had previously starred in a famous Hamlet cigar advertisement with George Cole back in 1971.

Bloopers: Watch carefully at exactly 48 minutes when they are travelling to the airport in the black Mercedes - exactly at the point when Dai says "on the other hand we can't let our offendee get done on a false passport claim, now can we?" - out of the window behind Dai we catch a view of Addison Avenue, and as the camera switches to Arthur and Sayin we catch the exact same view again moments later.

Title: A Tethered Goat: refers to a goat that is tied to something (for example, fence or post) in order that it remains in a restricted area and unable to roam freely. A tethered goat might also refer to the act of staking a goat to a spot, usually a clearing, to entice a tiger to attack. It refers generally to any sacrificial thing, but recalls the tiger hunting days of the British empire in India.

German Title: Ein Hauch von Arabien.
Episode 11 of 16 shown in Germany on ARD.

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