005. The Bounty Hunter - Written by Bernie Cooper & Francis Megahy #1.5
Directed by Peter Sasdy

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Arthur and Terry come to the aid of Jo, a young widow and former acquaintance of Arthur's who has been swindled out of all her money by a dodgy real estate dealer called Freddie Fenton. Fenton sells Terry a line that he is too poor and unable to return the money, but when Terry investigates the activities of Fenton a little deeper, he soon discovers that he is fooling everyone. Terry plans his own revenge on Fenton using Des to steal Fenton's Rolls-Royce and uses this to bargain the return of Jo's money.

Cast: Derek Jacobi as Freddie Fenton, June Ritchie as Jo, George Layton as Des, James Aubrey as Graham Hurst, Tony Steedman as Ralph Hurst, Kathleen Byron as Mrs Hurst, Christopher Biggins as Harold, Brian Godfrey as Young Man 'Mr Booze', Keith Alexander as Andy, Peter Dean as John, Paul Satvender as Garage Attendant, Rikki Howard as Val

Uncredited: Hilda Fenemore as Passer-by, Steve Plytas as George, Neil Stacy as Simpson (Rolls-Royce salesman), Derek Martin as Fenton's Heavy jumping from Range Rover

Facts: This was the very first episode of Minder to be filmed, despite being broadcast as the fifth. This is the first episode to introduce the character of Des the mechanic, played by George Layton, who appears in six episodes of Minder in total. The location of Terry's flat is different in this episode to the rest of the series - see our Locations section for more information. Fenton's driver and minder is played by Peter Dean, more recognisable to some as Pete Beale in the BBC's 'EastEnders'. Another small 'EastEnders' connection in this episode - one of Fenton's heavies who jumps out of the back of the 'Sheer Rover' Range Rover, if you look very closely is the actor Derek Martin in an uncredited role here. This is the first time we see the Capri featured in the opening titles. Glynn Edwards does not appear in this episode. When Terry goes to meet Fenton for one last time, the music playing is 'Night Moves' by Frank McDonald. For more information on music see Minder Incidental Music.

Filming Dates: Monday 23rd April - Friday 4th May 1979 (likely) - the first ever episode of Minder to be filmed.

Double Take: Tony Steedman (Ralph Hurst) also stars in #10.1 A Fridge Too Far. Derek Martin also stars in #5.6 The Long Ride Back To Scratchwood.

Bloopers: Two minor bloopers in this episode - keep an eye open on Terry's white Capri, it is the same car as in the opening titles. Notice the condition it is in when he visits Fenton at his house and then examine it in the next scene when he visits Des. In the second scene it is covered in dirt and the front number plate is being held on with a piece of string! No clear explanation is ever given as to why Terry goes to visit Des at this point or whether Terry went stock-car racing in-between! The second minor blooper is when Terry hands back the connector for the ignition, Fenton's hand is seen one moment and in the next scene his arms are held tightly against his body so there is no way physically he could have taken the part back.

Title: Based on the fact that Terry goes after Freddie Fenton in this episode.

German Title: Laute schmutzige kleine Tricks.
Episode 10 of 16 shown in Germany on ARD.

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