006. Aces High and Sometimes Very Low - Written by Leon Griffiths #1.6
Directed by Roy Ward Baker

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Professional gambler Maurice Michaelson comes to Arthur and Terry asking them for help as he needs a minder for an underground Greek card club. With the odds against him, Maurice is defeated. Terry soon discovers that Maurice is skint and accompanies him to the club for a second time as Maurice is convinced he now has the upper hand. Meanwhile Arthur is trying to offload the Lotus that Maurice has given him as a retainer for the money lent to Maurice to gamble with by Arthur.

Cast: Glynn Edwards as Dave, Anthony Valentine as Maurice Michaelson, Dmitri Andreas as Zardinidis, Kevork Malikyan as Chris, Marc Zuber as Nick, Antony Scott as Ari, Marina Sirtis as Stella, Andy Pantelidou as Andy, Harry Tardios as Doxiadis, Andreas Markos as George, David Baron as Casino Manager

Uncredited: Clive Hornby as Norman Gibbons, Alan Stuart as the taxi driver

Facts: Watch out for a brief appearance by Marina Sirtis in this episode, better known to Star Trek fans as Counselor Deanna Troi in 'Star Trek: The Next Generation'. Originally from London, she moved to the United States in 1986. This episode also features the first of two appearances in Minder by the late Clive Hornby, probably best known for his role as Jack Sugden in the long-running British soap 'Emmerdale'. His character Norman Gibbons is uncredited in this episode despite him having one speaking line. Terry and (particularly) Arthur are given very little screen time as the majority of time is spent focusing on Maurice's card games. Twice in the episode we hear the drink 'Light Ale' mentioned, firstly by Dave at the start in the Winchester and secondly by Terry at the first card game.

Filming Dates: Monday 23rd July - Friday 3rd August 1979 (confirmed) - the seventh episode to be filmed in this series.

Double Take: Anthony Valentine would reprise his role as Maurice Michaelson in #2.3 You Lose Some, You Win Some. Clive Hornby also appears briefly as the same character Norman Gibbons in the following episode #1.7 The Bengal Tiger. Dmitri Andreas (Zardinidis) also stars in #6.6 Waiting For Goddard and #8.2 A Bouquet Of Barbed Wine. Kevork Malikyan (Chris) also stars in #10.5 The Immaculate Contraption. Marc Zuber (Nick) also stars in #10.6 All Quiet on the West End Front.

Bloopers: It is very difficult to spot the first blooper but when Terry & Maurice leave the card game for the second time with the winnings and get into the taxi - the first shot when they get into the car is at the Greek club's actual location in Pratt Street. However, before the driver has even started the car you can clearly see The Crown pub out of the rear window of the car - this is actually two streets away in Delancey Street. Watch closely when the white Ford Cortina hits the shed, the workman jumps with his cup of tea, yet moments later he is still drinking it. Unintentional coincidence blooper: the taxi that drives Terry and Maurice to reclaim Maurice's car at the end of the episode is exactly the same cab that features at the end of the #1.1 Gunfight at the OK Laundrette, registration SYR 180N.

Title: 'Aces High', a 1976 film starring Malcolm McDowell and Christopher Plummer.

German Title: Gut gezinkt ist halb gewonnen.
Episode 6 of 16 shown in Germany on ARD.

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