011. You Gotta Have Friends - Written by Leon Griffiths #1.11
Directed by Ian Toynton

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First Broadcast in the UK: 21st January 1980

When Arthur arrives home late from a night on the town, an old friend called Billy asks Arthur for a lift. As Arthur is drunk, he manages to get Terry to do it instead. All seems fine until the next day when both Arthur and Terry soon realise Billy was into a very dodgy deal to which they have become accessories. Local gangster Bobby Altman believes it is Arthur and Terry who have cost him a packet and he is out to settle a score.

Cast: George Baker as Altman, Deborah Grant as Lady Ingrave, David Buck as Billy Gilpin, Brian Hall as Alan, Allan Surtees as D.I. Barnett, Prentis Hancock as Stuart, Gary Whelan as George, Terence Budd as 1st Detective, Denise Distel as Valerie, Roy Kinnear as Whaley

Uncredited: Gyearbuor Asante as Taxi Driver at start (in Blue Cortina), Shirley English as barmaid at The Winchester Club

Facts: Director Ian Toynton directed eight episodes of Minder in total, was associate producer on 35 episodes during The Terry McCann Years and was producer on 36 episodes during The Ray Daley Years. In this, the final episode of series 1, the theme tune is played out as Terry rescues Arthur from Altman, with the series finishing off highlighting the friendship between the two main characters. This story has very little humour in it and is possibly the bleakest storyline in the entire series.

Actor Prentis Hancock who appeared as Altman's bodyguard Stuart in this episode is more recognisable to some from the 70s sci-fi series 'Space 1999'. Altman's other bodyguard played by Brian Hall, featured alongside Dennis Waterman in both 'The Sweeney' TV series and 'Sweeney 2' film and is possibly most recognisable as Terry the chef from 'Fawlty Towers'. Deborah Grant who plays Lady Ingrave was also a semi-regular in the British show 'Bergerac'. Glynn Edwards does not appear in this episode.

Filming Dates: September 1979 (likely).

Double Take: George Baker (Bobby Altman) also stars in #7.2 Days Of Fines & Closures, Roy Kinnear also stars in #7.1 It's A Sorry Lorry Morrie.

Bloopers: There are many bloopers in this episode - firstly, at 12m55s as Terry leaves the police station, you can see many on-lookers in the street as Arthur and Terry walk along talking together. Also, watch carefully at 23m20s, as Arthur and Terry go to visit Lady Ingrave - a neighbour is watching them through a window as Arthur checks his hair in the back of the car. Seconds later as Lady Ingrave's dog barks, there also seems to be an extra walking behind Arthur and Terry on the other side of the road who cannot make up his mind if he should stop or start walking.

 Also, a major continuation crisis in this episode - keep an eye on the number plate of the Capri as Terry first goes looking for Arthur, it is RLW17R. When Terry eventually finds him, the plate is now SLE71R, possibly the car that features in the opening titles. Also, watch out at around 51m19s when Terry's Capri first appears chasing the Ford Granada, the driver is clearly not Dennis Waterman. More details on the Capris on Terry's Capri Page here.

Title: This is a song from 1969/71 see here for more details, which was reworked for the film 'Shrek'.

German Title: Was wäre man ohne Freunde?
Episode 2 of 16 shown in Germany on ARD.

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