013. Whose Wife Is It Anyway - Written by Tony Hoare #2.2
Directed by Roy Ward Baker

TV Times Listing Whose Wife is It Anyway? Episode Locations

Terry gets to mind an antiques shop belonging to Arthur's friend Alex who is in hospital after getting beaten up. When Terry gets there he seems a little concerned as he is surprised to find that the joint owner Jim is gay. Arthur on the other hand thinks Terry is wrong and looks for some answers from Alex's wife Gloria. When Jim doesn't seem bothered by Terry being at the shop, Terry begins to wonder if there is more to the situation than he first thought.

Cast: Glynn Edwards as Dave, Janet Key as Gloria, David Daker as Alex, Alun Lewis as Jim, John Forgeham as George, Peter Cheevers as Charlie, Molly Veness as Grandma (Terry's Nan), Dave Auker as Chas, Victoria Fenton as Sister, Stuart St. Paul as Garry, Brian Jameson as Ronald, Charles Pemberton as Policeman

Facts: Janet Key who appears as Alex's ex-wife in this episode had previously played Jack Regan's wife in 'The Sweeney' pilot 'Regan' and the episode 'Abduction'.

Filming Dates: 10th March - 21st March 1980 (confirmed). This was the first episode of this series to be filmed.

Double Take: David Daker who plays hospital-stricken Alex in this episode also appears as burger tycoon Sir Ronald Bates in #6.2 Life In The Fast Food Lane. Peter Cheevers also appears as Terry's boxing opponent in #4.1 Rocky Eight And A Half.

Bloopers: Not strictly a blooper but watch carefully at exactly 12 minutes when Arthur & Terry drive to the antiques shop for the first time. There is a very brief clip of Arthur's car passing a traffic island - this is stock footage which is reused in #2.7 The Beer Hunter when Arthur & Terry are heading for the church to find the one-armed taxi driver. Also, the rooftop chase scene at the end of the episode is actually filmed quite some distance away from the alleyway which Terry hangs from as he falls backwards - see the locations page for more information.

Title: 'Whose Life is it Anyway?', a 1972 film and play by Brian Clark.

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