014. You Lose Some, You Win Some - Written by Jeremy Burnham #2.3
Directed by James Gatward

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First Broadcast in the UK: 25th September 1980

When Arthur bumps into Maurice at The New Beaumont Casino, Arthur decides that Maurice's new gambling school needs protection. When Arthur goes around to ask Terry, he receives a frosty reception from Terry's girlfriend Penny. When Arthur tells Terry there is 600 quid in it for him, Terry decides that Penny could join them and he would give her a cut of his earnings. Casino owner Parsons is soon on to Maurice and his system and Arthur & Terry decide the only way to protect the entire team is if they stay at Terry's flat. Meanwhile, Maurice's wife Maureen believes Maurice is cheating on her after her friend Sadie overhears Penny and Welsh girl Jackie talking about Maurice in the toilets at the casino. Maureen promptly disappears and the situation soon goes from bad to worse as Terry is asked to mind the team and track down Maureen at the same time.

Cast: Anthony Valentine as Maurice Michaelson, Gennie Nevinson as Penny, Beth Morris as Jackie, Peggy Thorpe-Bates as Mrs. Beecham, Ronald Leigh-Hunt as Major Lampson, Clifford Parrish as Alnutt, Angela Easterling as Miss Carr, Kenneth Midwood as Jackson, Lesley Joseph as Maureen, Leslie Schofield as Parsons, Lynda Baron as Sadie (Gilbert), Michael Watkins as Tony, Sidney Livingstone as George, Toni Palmer & Pamela Manson as Women at Health Farm

Facts:  Author Jeremy Burnham had previously been an actor on TV between the 1950s and 1970s. In this episode we learn that Penny really doesn't have much time for Arthur due to the way he treats Terry. We also learn that Maurice has two children and that he and wife Maureen live in Hendon. This episode stars the delightful Welsh actress Beth Morris. In 1981, she starred in the HTV Wales series 'Taff Acre' written by Michael Povey, who is better known to Minder fans as Taff Jones.

Filming Dates: April/May 1980 (likely).

Double Take: Lynda Baron previously appeared in an uncredited role as Dave's barmaid in #1.1 Gunfight At The OK Laundrette. Anthony Valentine as Maurice Michaelson had previously appeared in #1.6 Aces High & Sometimes Very Low. Sidney Livingstone who plays bouncer George would later appear in The Ray Daley Years as Arthur's brother Bert Daley from series 8 onwards. Tony, who plays one of Parsons's heavies at the casino, would later appear as the man in a café that Arthur throws coffee over in #8.6 The Last Temptation Of Daley. Also, not strictly a double take but the author of this episode has a very similar name to Jeremy Burnham-Jones, the name of a character in episode #2.1 National Pelmet.

Bloopers: Watch carefully in this episode when Terry & Maurice arrive at the shopping centre in Brent Cross. From the second they arrive the other shoppers are watching them - as they go up the escalator you can see the whole shopping centre staring at them.

Title: A play on words "You win some, you lose some" being the more common expression - Terry says the name of the episode at the end, when after being dealt a bad deal from Arthur and Maurice ends up following Jackie back to her place.

German Title: Nichts geht mehr...
Episode 14 of 16 shown in Germany on ARD.

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