016. Don't Tell Them Willie Boy Was Here - Written by Paul Wheeler #2.5
Directed by Dennis Abey

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Ex-undefeated light heavyweight champion Willie Reynolds aka 'The Mersey Mouth' is back in the UK from Jamaica for a comeback fight against Jack Straw. His manager Barney Mather asks Arthur for Terry's services as a Minder. When Willie confesses to Terry that he is not up to it anymore, Terry agrees to train Willie privately through fear of him being exploited. Barney doesn't like this arrangement and soon after discovering the training, Terry is fired as Willie's minder. As he leaves Terry reminds Willie that people like Barney are only in it for the money and that he will suffer at their hands. During the fight, Willie sees Barney doing some sort of deal which inspires him to go on and win the fight, much to the surprise of everyone.

Cast: Glynn Edwards as Dave, Alfred Marks as Barney Mather, Paul Barber as Willie Reynolds, Tania Rogers as Ruth Reynolds, Ronnie Stevens as T.V. Compere, Benny Lee as Boxing Commentator, Alex Tompkins as Jack Straw, Dinny Powell as Pug, Eddie Stacey as Sparing Partner, Imogen Bickford-Smith as Girl in Disco, Barry Wade as Fashion Photographer, Vicki Michelle as Sarah Jane, Mandy Perryment as Trudy, Guest appearance by JACKIE COLLINS

Uncredited: Helene Hunt as the girl at the 'sucking straws' photo shoot at Willie's flat. Dinny Powell as Charlie (Barney's heavy) with a few speaking lines. Jesse Birdsall as rowdy youth in Winchester Club.

Facts: A cameo appearance in this episode by Jackie Collins. When Gary Webster appeared on the same Michael Aspel show as Jackie Collins in 1991 she recalled working on this episode. Paul Barber is better known for his role as Denzil in the BBC comedy 'Only Fools & Horses' and Vicki Michelle is better known from 'Allo Allo'. In this episode we see Arthur driving a Rover SD1 for the first time as he and Terry arrive at Willie's house. This car later reappears in #2.8 A Nice Little Wine. This is one of the rare episodes of Minder in which we actually see Arthur making any sort of money, having bet on Willie to win. Willie Reynolds' nickname 'The Mersey Mouth' is no doubt based on Muhammed Ali's nickname 'The Louisville Lip' in which Ali also claimed in which round he would knock his opponent down.

Watch carefully in this episode at the location where Terry collects Ruth - this is the same place where Scotch Harry steals the briefcase in #1.3 The Smaller They Are. Also, the external boxing hall scenes are all filmed at the rear of Blythe House in Hammersmith, where Arthur's lockup is situated throughout this second series.

A special Daily Mirror newspaper (dated Friday, May 16th 1980) was produced for this episode which is seen being read by Arthur in the Winchester - click the link above to see this newspaper. This date shows a five month gap between production and transmission. Click here to see it.

Filming Dates: Early May 1980 (likely)

Double Take: Jesse Birdsall (known to many as 'Beckett' in the 90s TV show 'Bugs') would later appear in a credited role in #6.7 Minder On The Orient Express. The episode also features Imogen Bickford-Smith who plays the girl in the disco (possibly more recognisable from her role as Nicky Henson's girlfriend in 'The Psychiatrist' episode of 'Fawlty Towers').

Bloopers: When Terry collects Ruth from the airport, he is wearing a dark blue shirt and jacket. In the next scene at the gym he has obviously changed. When Ruth finally meets Willie it seems this is the first time they have met and there is a slight continuation problem here. Also, watch when Terry walks out of the Winchester at 31 minutes and heads to the gym - as he enters the gym you see a watch on his left hand but in the next shot when he says "You're really working him aren't you Barney?" the watch has disappeared.

Title: 'Tell Them Willie Boy Is Here', a film from 1969 starring Robert Redford and Katherine Ross.

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