017. Not A Bad Lad, Dad - Written by Tony Hoare #2.6
Directed by Ian Toynton

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A young boy Peter turns up at Terry's doorstep with a note from his mother Beryl making Terry believe he could be his father. Terry and Beryl had a short relationship a few years before while Terry was boxing up north. Arthur shows little compassion for Terry's problem. Terry soon becomes very attached to Peter. While Beryl stays with her friends Mary & Bob, Terry attempts to track her down and begins to suspect that Beryl's husband Ronnie is abusing her. Although Terry is relieved that he is not Peter's real father he does become very attached to him during their short stay together.

Cast: Glynn Edwards as Dave, Warren O'Neill as Peter, Sharon Duce as Beryl, Gennie Nevinson as Penny, Lesley Claire O'Neill as Mary, Martin Bax as Bob, Dicken Ashworth as Ronnie, Geoffrey Leesley as Duty Sergeant, Ray Burdis and Nicholas Diprose as Disco Youths, Stanley Price as Publican

Facts: There are some very un-typical Minder scenes at the end of this episode where Terry reminisces about time spent with what could have been his son. This is the final appearance in the show for Gennie Nevinson who plays Terry's air hostess girlfriend Penny. She previously appeared in #1.9 Monday Night Fever, #2.3 You Lose Some, You Win Some and #2.4 Another Bull And A Pat On The Back. Click here to read a short TV Times feature about Warren O'Neill appearing in this episode. The song playing in the nightclub that Terry takes Peter to is 'Can't Walk On Water' by Wally Waller. This was also used in the Australian series 'Prisoner: Cell Block H'. The episode also features incidental music that can be heard in #1.11 You Gotta Have Friends. For more information see Minder Incidental Music.

Filming Dates: Unknown (likely mid-1980).

Bloopers: Listen carefully at 19m57s when Arthur arrives at Terry's flat, as they walk towards Terry's flat you can hear three beeps - what are they? Also, at 25m when Terry and Peter walk up towards Big Ben, Dennis Waterman has clearly been spotted by the crowd of children sat nearby.

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