019. A Nice Little Wine - Written by Stanley Price #2.8
Directed by Christopher Menaul

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After doing a wine deal with Arthur, wine dealer Clive Stannard believes that Arthur has set him up after he is drugged and robbed when staying a night at a hotel. Terry is sent undercover as a wine entrepreneur to find out the culprit responsible before Arthur receives the kicking of his life.

Cast: Glynn Edwards as Dave, Peter Jeffrey as Clive Stannard, Rachel Davies as Bettina, Lois Baxter as Sandra, Ron Pember as George, Pam St Clement as Mrs Baker (Sandra's Mum), Diana Berriman as Joan, Patrick Malahide as DS Chisholm, Davyd Harries as Policeman, Donald Douglas as Scots Winetaster, Michael Logan as 1st Winetaster, James Griffiths as 2nd Winetaster, Burt Kwouk as Sojo

Uncredited: Rocky Taylor as heavy in Marital Aids shop, Cyd Child as Bettina's flatmate

Facts: This episode was not repeated on UK television until re-runs of the series on the Granada Plus (later GPLUS) channel in 1999 and quite why UK GOLD never showed this episode in their mid 1990s re-runs is a mystery. This episode features an appearance by Pam St Clement, who is probably best known for her role as Pat in the long-running BBC soap 'EastEnders'. Also appearing is the lovely Rachel Davies, who has appeared on many other UK shows over the years including 'Crossroads', 'Boon' and 'Emmerdale'. In this episode we learn that Terry was in prison in 1971. Cyd Child who appears in an uncredited role as Bettina's flatmate played Diana Rigg's stunt double in the 60s series 'The Avengers'.

Filming Dates: April 1980 - George Cole is presented with a birthday cake in an outtake from this episode.

Bloopers: Several continuation bloopers exist in this episode - keep a close eye on each time when Arthur is on the phone (twice!). Firstly, in the phone box he is speaking to his contact after drinking wine at Terry's flat - his tie and handkerchief are different from that he was wearing just moments before. He's seen wearing the same the next day when Clive reappears at the Winchester. The same thing happens at around 25 minutes - when Terry calls him he has a different suit, shirt and tie on to when he is speaking to his contact Leslie just moments later. Also, the scenes of the Rover driving along the street are exactly the same at 16m43s and at 34m33s, just recycled footage. Also, listen carefully to when Bettina's flatmate (played by Cyd Child) appears at the flat and attacks Arthur - her voice has obviously been redubbed afterwards.

German Title: Ein Wein vom Feinsten.
Episode 3 of 16 shown in Germany on ARD.

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