024. Caught In The Act, Fact - Written by Tony Hoare #2.13
Directed by Terry Green

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While Arthur is organising a scam to swap goldfish for old clothes, Des drops Terry in it by asking him to deliver a car that is later used in an armed robbery. Meanwhile, Arthur has arranged for Terry to look after Lady Margaret Thompson. While accompanying her to Harrods, Terry gets arrested for shoplifting for which he later appears in court.

Cast: Glynn Edwards as Dave, George Layton as Des, Angela Browne as Lady Margaret Thompson, Glyn Houston as Harry Thompson, Patrick Malahide as DS Chisholm, Colin Prockter as Stevie, Angus MacKay as Mr. Knight, Ellis Dale as Magistrate, James Marcus as Bertie, Veronica Clifford as Housewife, John Rolfe as Collin, Ken Sharrock as DC Jones

Facts: In this episode we learn that Arthur lives at 18 Arcadia Avenue and has known Terry for about seven years. The character of DC Jones is played by Ken Sharrock in this episode. There is a great line from Arthur in this episode, "Terry, Ladyships are not birds!" - this story ends the series with a cliffhanger regarding the future of Arthur & Terry's relationship. On every DVD release of this series, this episode has mistakenly been positioned as the penultimate episode of this series which is incorrect. For more information see #2.4 A Lot Of Bull And A Pat On The Back.

Filming Dates: 10 days on and around 16th August 1980 (confirmed).

Double Take: Ellis Dale who plays the magistrate in this episode would later appear as a different character in #6.1 Give Us This Day Arthur Daley's Bread. James Marcus who has a brief appearance as the villain Bertie, would later appear as Phil (the ticket man) in #5.6 The Long Ride Back To Scratchwood and as Morrie in #7.1 It's A Sorry Lorry Morrie.

Bloopers: Watch carefully at 39m30s, when Stevie returns to the Winchester club when Arthur, Des and Dave are at the bar. The man drinking at the bar behind Des and Arthur is immediately in the next shot when the camera switches to Stevie walking in and the same man is back at the bar just seconds later when the camera returns to the three of them.

Title: The title of this probably refers to the 'fact' that Terry has been caught red handed here - a line used in the episode by Chisholm.

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