025. Dead Men Do Tell Tales - Written by Tony Hoare #3.1
Directed by Robert Young

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Local villain Monty Wiseman asks Arthur to temporarily store the dead body of a Mr Joseph Chambers for him while he organises the paperwork necessary for the undertakers. Monty is working for Mrs Chambers who has given sole charge to Monty to take care of the funeral arrangements. Arthur soon enlists Terry's help in collecting the body from the airport and as the undertaker accompanies them to the airport all seems above board. Unbeknown to Arthur or Terry, Wiseman is using the body as a means to smuggle diamonds into the country and while Arthur and Terry are looking after the body, Monty and his minder Randolf are desperately seeking the assistance of Incapable, a former doctor and the only one able to get the diamonds back who has been struck off the GP's register for malpractice and alcoholism.

Cast: Glynn Edwards as Dave, Harry Fowler as Monty Wiseman, Patricia Maynard as Mrs Chambers, Derek Fowlds as Meadhurst, Harold Innocent as Incapable, Suzi Quatro as Nancy, Patrick Malahide as DS Chisholm, Michael Povey as DC Jones, Eileen Way as Mrs Chambers' Mother, Rayner Bourton as Randolf, Michael Jenkinson as Vicar

Facts: Due to the delicate nature of the storyline, this episode featured a short black and white message before the opening title sequence. Patricia Maynard was Dennis Waterman's wife at the time of this episode. This is the first of two episodes to feature Arthur's brown Jaguar XJ6 4.2, registration TAN 488M, it would later appear in #3.4 Looking For Micky. Arthur's lockup has now moved in this series and is now situated at the end of Brewhouse Street, SW15 - sadly the site has been demolished, see our locations section for more information. This is also the first time in the series that we see Chisholm's Welsh sidekick DC Jones, played by Michael (Meic) Povey.

This episode has a very funny scene where a dog sneaks into the lockup while Arthur is guarding the coffin. When the dog gets entangled in the blanket that is covering the coffin and starts to whine, Arthur believes there is a ghost in the lock up and promptly faints on the spot. This episode features snippets of the two Suzi Quatro songs 'Lipstick' and 'Lonely Is The Hardest'.

Harry Fowler previously starred in productions alongside both Minder stars - in 1959 he starred with George Cole in 'Don't Panic Chaps' and in 1962 he starred in the film 'Crooks Anonymous' which had a small appearance from Dennis Waterman.

During the episode commentary for this episode on the Australian Umbrella DVD sets, author Tony Hoare explains that Monty Wiseman was in fact the name of an ex-criminal that he knew. Wiseman begged Hoare to include his name in an episode of Minder and then when the episode was finally broadcast the real Wiseman sued the production company for use of his real name. The amount agreed on to pay off the real Monty Wiseman was in the region of five thousand pounds which then allowed this episode to be included in repeat screenings of the series. During this same commentary George Cole also explains that when driving on Minder, there was usually a car both in front and behind the car that was being filmed to allow for any accidents to be avoided.

Filming Dates: 10 days or around 8th April 1981 (confirmed).

Double Take: Patricia Maynard (Dennis Waterman's ex-wife) also appears as Dave's wife, Lucy Harris in #7.2 Days Of Fines & Closures.

Bloopers: A very minor dialogue blooper in this one - at 17m38s Terry refers to the van as a 'Transit' when in fact it is a Bedford.

Title: Based on the idiom 'Dead Men Tell No Tales'.

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