026. You Need Hands - Written by Andrew Payne #3.2
Directed by Ian Sharp

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While out doing a favour for Des, Terry is injured unexpectedly and suffers a bone fracture in his hand. As a result, he is unable to look after the transportation of what Arthur believes to be a diamond transaction for local dealer, Matthews. In desperate need of a minder, Arthur approaches Lenny Bowman who agrees to lend Arthur one of his heavies, Vernon, played by Mike Reid. Arthur soon realises that Vernon's love of top notch food and wine is going to cost him dearly and Terry soon realises there is far more to Arthur's diamond arrangements, including heroin, when he seeks his own revenge on the people who injured him.

Cast: Glynn Edwards as Dave, George Layton as Des, Julian Holloway as Matthews, Mike Reid as Vernon, Alan McNaughtan as Merrick, Harry Landis as Lenny Bowman, Martin Fisk as Security Guard, Gareth Milne as Gerry, Richard Clay-Jones as Mick, Steve Emerson as Merrick's Heavy, Leslie Sarony as Old Man, Nicola Kimber as Carol, Debby Cumming as Julie, Terry Gurry as Bowman's Heavy

Facts: This is the first of three Minder episodes to feature a short teaser before the opening credits - others being #3.6 Another Bride, Another Groom and #3.12 Back In Good Old England. This is necessary in this episode as Terry is incapacitated for the whole episode. When Des and Terry return to find the Granada for a second time Terry disparagingly says to Des "Who lives around 'ere?" - when in fact Terry's flat in series 4 would turn out to be just a few streets away. The episode ends with some memorable scenes of Terry and Des winning the day over some hardened criminals in dumper trucks. Mike Reid's character Vernon certainly steals the show in this episode. It is also clear from this episode that whatever dodgy deals Arthur might get himself involved in, he would always stay away from dealing in drugs.

Filming Dates: Mid-1981 (likely).

Double Take: Watch out for a short appearance by Harry Landis who appears as Vernon's boss Lenny Bowman - he also appears in #8.9 The Greatest Show in Willesden. Martin Fisk who plays the security guard also appears as a security guard in #7.0 An Officer & A Car Salesman.

Bloopers: A few mini bloopers exist in this episode. At the start when Dave is talking to Arthur and Matthews at the Winchester, there seems to be some strange object at the top of the screen on the film. Also, watch carefully when Terry and Des return to the Granada for a second time - when Terry follows the security guard to the 'Poulton and Mackie' Pharmaceutical Company, this is actually located about 1 hours' walk away from the place where they first park. On-screen the viewer is given the impression that Terry follows the security guard along maybe one or two streets at most. Thirdly, when Terry tracks down Arthur to the diamond merchants on Old Bond Street, following the transfer of the diamonds watch very carefully to see many on-lookers as the two characters talk and cross the street and start arguing. Also, listen carefully at the end of this same scene - there seems to be an unnaturally long pause between the two words "security" and "arrangements" that Terry says to Arthur.

There is a another minor blooper just after 37 minutes when Terry calls Des from The Duke's Head pub - listen carefully to when Terry asks Des if he knows the pub, Des's answer "Yes" has clearly been edited (cut short) and Terry's response "Yes, the one by the river" doesn't make a lot of sense based solely on Des's single word answer.

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