028. Looking For Micky - Written by Tony Hoare #3.4
Directed by Tom Clegg

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First Broadcast in the UK: 3rd February 1982

An old boxing friend of Terry, Michael 'Mad Micky' Dickson has escaped from prison and seeks refuge with Debbie for short term accommodation while he attempts to sort a clear and definite release date, claiming he has been misrepresented. Meanwhile, Chisholm and Jones are about on the manor looking for leads, starting with local hard man and villain Freddie Baker (well acquainted with Micky) and Arthur is busy selling hounds tooth jackets. When Debbie calls on Terry for help, Arthur spots a way to make a nice little earner with a cut-throat top Fleet street journalist. What Arthur doesn't realise is just how well acquainted the journalist is with a certain Freddie Baker and the two set about setting up their own scheme to get Micky back in prison after he has provided a good news story.

When Arthur is kidnapped by Baker and his heavies, he is forced to reveal where Micky is held up. After completing his interview in Fleet street, Baker sells Micky out and he is arrested immediately afterwards. When Chisholm spots Micky wearing the same jacket as Dave and half the Winchester Club, he knows Arthur has been involved but knows he just can't prove it.

Cast: Glynn Edwards as Dave, John Labanowski as Micky, Diana Malin as Debbie, John Moffatt as Freddie Baker, Patrick Malahide as DS Chisholm, Tom Watson as Anker, Bill Nighy as Oates, Richard Simpson as Editor, Jim McManus as George, Michael Povey as DC Jones, Vanda Godsell as Queenie, Marcia Tucker as Housewife, Terry Plummer as Alan, Stephen Phillips as Billy

Uncredited: Harry 'Aitch' Fielder as Man in Pub/Winchester Patron, Mary Fielder as Winchester Patron, Eric Kent as Winchester Patron

Facts: This is the fourth of five appearances in the series by the lovely Diana Malin as Debbie. Debbie was first seen in #1.8 Come in T-64, Your Time is Ticking Away, then in #2.4 A Lot Of Bull And A Pat On The Back and #2.11 The Old School Tie and returns for one more episode after this #3.11 Poetic Justice, Innit?. The episode ends with the classic line from Chisholm that "Every dog's tooth has its day" referring to the design of the jackets he has seen everyone wearing.

Filming Dates: Late April/early May 1981.

Double Take: Terry 'Terence' Plummer who plays Baker's heavy Alan, also appears in an uncredited role in #6.2 Life In The Fast Food Lane and #8.6 The Last Temptation of Daley. Jim McManus who plays George in this episode, also appears in #10.1 A Fridge Too Far.

Bloopers: None found.

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