030. Another Bride, Another Groom - Written by Willis Hall #3.6
Directed by Mark Vardy

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First Broadcast in the UK: 17th February 1982

Darrell Elmsworth is getting married to Arthur's niece Trina and Arthur asks Terry to take Darrell out for his stag night. While Terry is doing this, Arthur is organising the collection of a large quantity of knocked off pornographic magazines (or 'books' as Arthur leads Terry to believe) with Reggie Reynolds in Watford. The next morning Arthur turns up at Terry's flat and asks Terry to collect the books before picking up his niece and bringing her to the church.

Terry reluctantly helps Arthur out, though unbeknown to him he is being followed by bent copper DC Ashmole and three heavies working for Grantley, whom the books were originally intended for before they were stolen. Grantley runs an authentic waste paper recycling operation and has no time for the likes of Arthur, Terry, Reggie or DC Ashmole.

Cast: Warren Clarke as Ashmole, Ian Hogg as Grantley, John Judd as Noisy, Desmond McNamara as Reggie Reynolds, John Hartley as Bernie, Peter Holt as Readies, Mark Botham as Darrell, Roger Kemp as Malcolm, Jeffrey Segal as Middle Aged Man, Richard Williams as Stan, Jayne Lester as Trina, Maggie Flint as 1st Middle Aged Lady, Barbara Ashcroft as 2nd Middle Aged Lady, Ivor Danvers as Photographer, Michael Garner as Groomsman

Facts: The second of three Minder episodes to open with a 'teaser' - the others being: #3.2 You Need Hands and #3.12 Back In Good Old England - necessary in this case to tell the story of how the pornographic magazines were stolen and came into the possession of Arthur's contact Reggie Reynolds via Stan the lorry driver. Do we catch a glimpse of 'er indoors in this episode? Surely if Arthur was sitting at his niece's wedding, he would probably be sitting next to his wife. Note the way in which the face of the woman who is sitting next to Arthur in the church is very well concealed in all shots in which she appears. Warren Clarke appeared in many TV roles over the years and is probably best known as Detective Superintendent Andy Dalziel in the BBC series 'Dalziel and Pascoe' in which Dennis Waterman also appeared in the episode 'The British Grenadier'. Ian Hogg is more recognisable as Detective Sergeant Alan Rockliffe from the BBC series 'Rockliffe's Babies'.

Filming Dates: According to information received from actor John Judd who appears in this episode, his scenes were filmed between Tuesday 16th June 1981 to Wednesday 24th June 1981 and did not include the weekend.

Double Take: Desmond McNamara appears in two further episodes #9.2 No Way To Treat A Daley and #10.9 Bring Me The Head Of Arthur Daley. John Judd also appears in #7.0 An Officer and A Car Salesman. John Hartley also appears as Jack South in #6.7 Minder On The Orient Express and young Groomsman Michael Garner also appears in #8.3 Whatever Happened To Her Indoors.

Bloopers: In the final fight scene, watch closely as Terry is about to hit Noisy (played by John Judd) into the water. Judd's character has clearly been replaced by a stuntman for the purpose of the fall - John told minder.org: 'I did think about offering to do the stunt but the stream the stunt man fell into was full of rocks and what looked like bits of glass. He was well padded up and, no doubt, getting paid very well for the stunt.' Also, keep an eye on Arthur's neck tie when he's at the church and subsequently when he's at the paper recycling plant - notice anything different?

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