032. The Son Also Rises - Written by Paul Wheeler #3.8
Directed by Francis Megahy

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First Broadcast in the UK: 3rd March 1982

Terry is hired as a bodyguard for the teenage son of a divorcee friend of Arthur's, Muriel Standon who is getting beaten up on the way home from school as the result of his father's disgruntled ex-chief accountant Alex Rowan, who has just been released from prison. The boy's father Ted Standon doesn't care too much for his son, and Arthur is warned to call Terry off the job. When Terry shows his loyalty to Muriel and stays on the job, Arthur's car is vandalised.

Out of desperation to save himself, Arthur lies to Muriel and tells her that Terry has a heart condition and she calls him off the job. When Dave's accountant Morrie Levin finds out about Ted Standen and the fact that Standen's son John, who has just turned 18, has a trust fund set up for him, Arthur goes undercover as an accountant to put right all he has done wrong about lying about Terry's health.

Cast: Glynn Edwards as Dave, Alfie Bass as Morrie Levin, Annabel Leventon as Muriel Standen, Gareth Hunt as Ted Standen, Stephen Garlick as John Standen, Gary Waldhorn as Alex Rowan, Bobbie Brown as Julie, Nigel Humphreys as Ronald, David Arlen as Phil, Christopher Ellison as Charlie, Christopher Coll as Probation Officer Morley, Ozzie Stevens as 1st Youth, Steve Fletcher as 2nd Youth, Kevin Hart as Schoolboy

Facts: There is a brief appearance in this episode by Christopher Ellison, better known to most as Frank Burnside from the UK police series 'The Bill'. He has a brief role as Charlie, Ted Standen's hard man who interestingly backs out of a fight with the great Terry McCann who he remembers winning a fight many years before. Stephen Garlick who appears as John Standen in this episode had many childhood acting roles and later went on to become a radio presenter.

Double Take: David Arlen who plays Phil also appears in #7.4 The Last Video Show.

Bloopers: None found.

Title: 'The Sun Also Rises', a 1926 novel written by Ernest Hemmingway and a 1957 film adaptation starring Tyrone Power and Ava Gardner.

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