035. Poetic Justice, Innit? - Written by Tony Hoare #3.11
 Directed by Terry Green

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This episode is based around two different storylines for Terry and Arthur throughout. Debbie takes Terry out for a free lunch to celebrate the end of her days working as a stripper and she informs Terry that she now has her own business, working as a hairdresser in people's homes. Meanwhile, Arthur is on jury service on one of Chisholm's receiving cases and while Chisholm is needed in court, he is temporarily replaced by Soames.  When one of Debbie's clients is violently robbed in his own home, he immediately thinks Debbie is working alongside the crooks and Terry is questioned by Soames and Jones.

Despite Terry telling Soames he was working for Arthur at the time, Soames doesn't believe Terry and Terry takes them to Arthur's lockup. When the crooks, Roberts and Knowles, find Debbie's business card where they robbed her client, they decide to track her down and forcibly convince her that she didn't see their faces. On the run and frightened, Debbie quickly calls on Terry for help. Soames however, believes Debbie and Terry are conspiring together to rob Debbie's customers and has little time to listen to them. Meanwhile, back in the jury room, despite the initial vote overwhelmingly favouring a guilt verdict, Arthur is quite intent on acquitting the accused, as he believes Chisholm is responsible for getting the complete contents of the lockup emptied. Under suspicion from Soames, Terry asks a favour from Dave and finally tracks down Roberts and Knowles. As for Arthur's conquest for an acquittal, a surprise jury member sadly settles this beyond all reasonable doubt.

Cast: Glynn Edwards as Dave, Diana Malin as Debbie, Patrick Malahide as DS Chisholm, Michael Culver as DS Soames, Michael Povey as DC Jones, Barrie Cookson as Parson, Peter-Hugo Daly as Knowles, Stephen Bent as Roberts, Oscar Narciso as Waiter, Tony Barton as Fish & Chip Proprietor, James Cossins as Judge, Antony Dawes as Mr Notting QC, Bernard Horsfall as Mr Russel QC, Michael Browning as Clerk of the Court, Catherine Chase as Usher, Larry Martyn as Smith, John Bardon, Pamela Cundell, Anthony Chinn, Bridget McConnel, Anton Derby, Jamila Massey, Lloyd McGuire, Gwyneth Strong, David Sibley, April Walker and Larrington Walker as 'The Jury'

Facts: Soames refers to Chisholm as Alfred in this episode. In this episode we learn that Dave has a brother-in-law who works as a policeman in Hendon and that Dave's sister (or possibly his wife) could be called Joyce. We also learn that Debbie's surname is Mitchell though sadly, this is her last appearance in the show. Due to the large cast in this episode, an extra frame of Arthur and Terry is inserted in the end credits, a picture of them standing beside a rubbish lorry. This would later be repeated in other episodes with a large cast, such as in #3.13 In.

Double Take: Jury member David Sibley also appears in #8.10 Too Many Crooks; jury member April Walker appears in both #6.5 From Fulham With Love and #7.5 Fiddler On The Hoof; jury member Lloyd McGuire also appears in #7.5 Fiddler On The Hoof and jury member Pamela Cundell also appears in #7.3 Fatal Impression. John Bardon also appears in #10.10 The Long Good Thursday also written by Tony Hoare.

Bloopers: None found.

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