036. Back In Good Old England - Written by Andrew Payne #3.12
Directed by Francis Megahy

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After winning the Spanish lottery, Terry's former robber cellmate Jack 'Oily' Wragg has returned to England. However, his former associate and local nutcase Archie Simpson has a score to settle. Jack links up with Arthur, Terry and Des to help him out for a bit while he is secretly orchestrating a wages job. While Arthur is hunting for property, Terry escorts Jack about and Des is given the task of finding Jack a motor. In the meantime, Archie Simpson and his team are smashing up the Winchester Club on the hunt for Jack. When Jack's story doesn't ring true, Terry decides to help him out one last time and get him back to Spain.

Cast: Glynn Edwards as Dave, Peter Postlethwaite as Jack Wragg, George Layton as Des, Peter Childs as Rycott, David Hargreaves as Archie Simpson, Norman Beaton as Billy, George Camiller as Angelis, Tariq Yunus as Chris, Barry McCarthy as Neville, John Benfield as Painter, Tony Westrope as McClure, Jonty Miller as The Barker, Royston Tickner as The Skipper, Milton Cadman as Car Owner, Stanley McGeagh as Police Sergeant, Kathleen St. John as Old Lady, Peter Joyce as Detective Constable

Facts: This is the first of two episodes in series 3 to feature Peter Childs as Rycott, who is still a Detective Constable at this point in the series. In this episode, Rycott is called 'Kenny' by a fellow officer while he talking to Dave at the Winchester Club. The third of three episodes in this series to open with a pre-title sequence teaser, the first being #3.2 You Need Hands and the second being #3.6 Another Bride, Another Groom.

This episode features a very funny scene where Arthur falls into the Thames. Although the viewer might think a stunt double is falling in, you may wish to look at the picture on the Minder forum (click 'Discuss Episode' below) before making your mind up.

Double Take: Pete Postlethwaite also appears in #9.8 The Roof of All Evil. Jonty Miller also appears in #7.6 The Wrong Goodbye.

Bloopers: Not strictly a blooper, but keep an eye out for Archie's jacket in this episode. It looks very similar to that which Arthur was selling back in #3.4 Looking For Micky.

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