037. In - Written by Leon Griffiths #3.13
Directed by Ian Toynton

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When Arthur purchases a BMW that is suspected of containing drugs, he is taken into custody while the car is stripped down. Terry does all he can do to prove Arthur's innocence by tracking down scotsman Frank McFadden, the person Arthur bought it from. When Terry finally catches up with Frank he is in no mood to go to the police station with Terry and Terry gets involved with some serious fisticuffs with Frank, trying to apprehend him and clear Arthur's name. Meanwhile, unbeknown to Terry, Arthur is being released without charge and in all his efforts to find Frank for Arthur, Terry finds himself heading inside instead.

Cast: Brian Cox as Frank, Fredrick Jaeger as Inspector Klingmann, Peter Childs as Rycott, Diane Langton as Rita, Russell Hunter as Billy 'The Ferret', John Hallam as Gypsy Joe, Lindy Whiteford as Bridget, Linal Haft as Ronnie, Debbie Wheeler as Karen, John Rapley as Punter, Barry Stanton as Georgie, Stafford Gordon as Armstrong, Michael Maynard as Finger Print Officer, Colin Edwynn as Gaoler, Dominic Allan as Police Doctor, Annette Badland as Nurse, Edward Kelsey as Foreman, Peter Van Dissel as Plain Clothes Man, Timothy Block as Armed Officer, Trevor Cooper as Officer 2, P.J. Davidson as Sergeant, Alan Polonsky as Policeman, Ron Alridge as Officer 3, Brian Grellis as Van Radio Officer, Kelvin Omard as Gary, Farrell Sheridan as Mechanic, David Gretton as Escort Officer, Simon Watkins as Heavy No.1, Kelvin Spooner as Van Driver

Facts: There is a very large sign up in Arthur's car lot in this episode that clearly reads 'Formula Autos', also shown on a calendar behind Arthur's head in the office. In this episode we learn that Arthur did have a conviction for 18 months, 24 years ago and that his children go to private school. This is the second of two episodes in series 3 to feature Peter Childs as Rycott - in this episode he is a Detective Sergeant and in the previous episode #3.12 Back In Good Old England he is still a Detective Constable. Many years after Minder, Brian Cox would go on to star in Hollywood. This episode contains one of the largest Minder casts for the entire run of the series. Not long after this episode was broadcast Diane Langton would star alongside Dennis Waterman on stage in the musical 'Windy City'.

The music playing in the pub that Frank and Ronnie go to around 26 minutes is also Zac Zolar's hit song in #4.7 A Star Is Gorn. More information on the Minder Incidental Music page.

Double Take: This is the first of four appearances in Minder by Linal Haft who played Ronnie. He would reappear as different characters in #6.7 Minder On The Orient Express, #10.1 A Fridge Too Far and #11.6 Till Debt Do Us Part - the final episode of brand new Minder from series 11. Trevor Cooper also appears as a different character in the 1991 Christmas Special #8.13 The Cruel Canal.

Bloopers: When Frank offloads the BMW at the start of the episode and the blue transit pulls around the corner, Terry just seems to magically appear at the car lot, as does the white Vauxhall car opposite. Also, moments later, when the police car and the blue Astra screech around the corner to Arthur's car lot - the cars parked in the adjacent street are totally different to those parked there just seconds earlier. Also, watch carefully as the bus pulls up outside the police station at the end - is that Terry's gold Capri we can see parked up outside the window? Also, the brown mini that Arthur sells at the start of the episode has featured throughout series three, for more information visit our Dodgy Motors section.

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