039. Rocky Eight & A Half - Written by Leon Griffiths #4.1
Directed by Ian Toynton

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At the start of this episode Arthur is seen watching an illegal fight with 'Dirty' Harry Lynch. Harry convinces Arthur that Terry may still have a future in the ring and that because as his wife has left him for a double glazing salesman, he would like to sell his flat to Arthur. Harry takes Arthur to meet Eric Morgan, a local fight promoter who tells Arthur he can set up a fight between Terry and his old adversary, Jackie Wilson. Arthur approaches Terry with the offer of returning to the ring and although at first Terry seems reluctant, as work is quiet he decides to give it a go for old times sake and maybe settle a score with Wilson. With Terry on side and training hard, Arthur enlists the help of trainer Soldier Atkins. Terry soon discovers the last fight he had with Wilson was dodgy and Wilson's wife approaches Terry to tell him Wilson is now practically skint and that Terry should treat this new bout as only a play fight. Meanwhile, Arthur has bought Harry's flat and decorating is underway.

On fight night during round one, Terry soon becomes aware that Wilson doesn't really want to fight him. In round two Wilson cons Terry into thinking he doesn't want to win the fight and Terry decides to take it easy. Off his guard, Terry is knocked down only to realise that Wilson has conned him. After the bell goes, Terry gets back up and settles the score his own way. After the fight, Arthur decides to take a painting around to his newly renovated flat. When Harry's wife returns she informs him that the flat actually belongs to the council and that Harry had no legal right to sell it to Arthur. Arthur soon realises that Harry has conned him.

Cast: George Innes as 'Dirty' Harry Lynch, Christine Kavanagh as Nicky, David Lodge as Soldier Atkins, Glynn Edwards as Dave, Peter Childs as Rycott, Ian McNeice as Eric Morgan, Anna Nygh as Brenda Wilson, Peter Cheevers as Jackie Wilson, Frank Gatliff as Darrow, Herbert Norville as Young Black, Peter Kosta as Chris, Doreen Keogh as Mrs Lynch, Donald Eccles as Medical Official, Alex Leppard as Cabby, John Fowler as Youth, Brian Calloway as Barman, Joseph Iles as Henry, Jonathan Burn as Boxing M.C., Bruce Wells as Boxing Referee

Facts: This episode, written by Minder's creator Leon Griffiths is a story about both Arthur and Terry being conned both by different types of low life on the manor. This is the first episode to feature Arthur's yellow Daimler Sovereign DYO979V and he is seen collecting this from a garage at the start of the episode where it is referred to as his new motor. In this episode, Terry refers to doing Arthur a favour seven years ago when he took a dive in a fight while having resin in his eye. Although the date is different, Terry taking a dive with resin in his eye is mentioned in Minder - A Novel By Leon Griffiths.

There is a further indirect reference to Arthur having children in this episode when he mentions to Terry that "School fees have gone up and that 'er indoors Daley wants an arm and a leg". The name of Eric Morgan's boxing organisation is N.A.F.F, The National Association of Fair Fighting. This episode also features the classic Arthur Daley quote "The world is your lobster", a phrase which George Cole claimed he first heard from his son and kept it especially for use in Minder. Anna Nygh, who plays Brenda Wilson previously appeared with Dennis Waterman in the second 'Sweeney' film 'Sweeney 2' as well as in the final episode of 'The Sweeney' called 'Jack or Knave'. Christine Kavanagh, who plays Nicky, job centre worker and Terry's girlfriend in this episode would work with Dennis Waterman again some 20 years later in an episode of 'New Tricks' in 2004.

Filming Dates: Monday 18th July 1983 - Friday 29th July 1983 (confirmed).

Double Take: Ian McNeice would appear as a different character (Hargreaves) in #10.6 All Quiet On The West End Front. Peter Cheevers who plays Terry's opponent Jackie Wilson had previously be seen as Charlie in #2.2 Whose Wife Is It Anyway.

Bloopers: None found.

Title: A reference to the 'Rocky' series of films that starred Sylvester Stallone. 

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