042. Sorry Pal, Wrong Number - Written by Leon Griffiths #4.4
Directed by Terry Green

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First Broadcast in the UK: 1st February 1984

 When old crook and tipster J.J. Mooney approaches Arthur with a business proposition offering an 'advisory service' offering tips on the horses, Arthur sets himself up in business with J.J. and places Terry in charge of answering three public telephones. When Chisholm sees J.J. leaving the Winchester with Terry, he informs Arthur of Sprott, a ex-bent copper who had been trying to nick J.J. for years. When Sprott realises that J.J. has left him in the lurch and finds out the deal he has with Arthur he also had with him, he tracks Arthur down and demands his cut of the money. When J.J. ends up in hospital as a result of his 'dicky ticker', Arthur and Terry are left to fend for themselves, hindered by Sprott, Chisholm and an army of local kids who threaten to damage the telephone boxes. Meanwhile, it also transpires that Arthur hasn't paid VAT for 5 years and his accountant Andrew tells him he needs to explain himself to the inland revenue.

Cast: Glynn Edwards as Dave, T.P. McKenna as J.J. Mooney, Patrick Malahide as Chisholm, Shaun Curry as Sprott, Jumoke Debayo as Petal, Timothy Bateson as Railwayman, Rosalind Lloyd as Fenella, Royce Mills as Andrew, Vivian Mann as Tony, Russel Wooton as Tax Inspector, Hugh Futcher as Mo, Caroline Gruber as Nurse, David Janes as Ernie Grahame, Angela Wynter as Sylvia, Lee Walker as Printer, Alan Thompson as Video Man, Alan Chuntz as Punter in Betting Shop, Barry Philips as Client One, Chuck Julian as Client Two, Richard Wilding as Car Driver

Facts: This is the first episode to feature Royce Mills as Arthur's accountant, Andrew - he would reappear in #6.2 Life In The Fast Food Lane, #6.4 Arthur is Dead, Long Live Arthur and #7.6 The Wrong Goodbye. According to a Leon Griffiths interview in 1984, this story is based on a real life story where someone he knew set up a racing tips business from three phone boxes near a station and operated for three months.

Filming Dates: Between August and October 1983 (precise dates unknown at present).

Double Take: Shaun Curry who plays Sprott would later appear as a different character Jeff in #8.5 Guess Who's Coming To Pinner.

Bloopers: When Arthur legs it from the Winchester with Sprott chasing him he turns left from Portland Road into Hippodrome Place. When Sprott catches up with him just seconds later, they are still on Portland Road and Arthur would have needed to turn right to get to the place where Sprott finally catches up with him.

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