047. Windows - Written by Geoffrey Case #4.9
Directed by Robert Young

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First Broadcast in the UK: 7th March 1984

Arthur has a new business venture, a health club called 'The Daley Workout' though its success is sadly short-lived when his business partner Roddy's wife disappears with their daughter. Roddy has organised a few fitness instructors for Arthur, who are in fact working as greeting staff at a casino. When Terry tries to sort Roddy's problems out, he becomes a victim of mistaken identity and wannabe gangster and dope grower Johnny Petselli mistakenly smashes up Terry's flat in revenge for Roddy's cousins breaking down his greenhouse with a digger. When Terry finds out that Petselli is illegally growing dope in one of his greenhouses, he decides to dish out his own form of justice and threatens to grass on Johnny if he doesn't pay up some compensation and expenses. Alongside 'The Daley Workout', Arthur is doing a nice line in answering machines.

Cast: Glynn Edwards as Dave, Stephen Rea as Roddy Allen, Jenifer Landor as Laura Mancini Allan, Patrick Troughton as Joe Mancini, Tony Anholt as Johnny Petselli, Ruth Goring as Helena Mancini, Janet Fielding as Janice, Valerie Buchanan as Linda, Catherine Rabett as Louise, Alexander Morton as Alex, Billy Hartman as Billy, Robert Pereno as Marco Mancini, Eddie Mineo as Anthony Mancini, Mark Lewis as Rico, Lawrence Lambert as Derek, Judith Byfield as Ms. Knight, Jack Le White as Old Irishman, Sara Filek as Maria-Elaine Allan

Facts: This episode features the second Doctor Who, Patrick Troughton, who is the father of Michael Troughton, who plays Rycott's sidekick DC Melish. Janet Fielding, who plays fitness instructor Janice, was also a regular in 'Doctor Who' between 1981 to 1984 and starred as Doctor Who's companion Tegan Jovanka. This episode has a very memorable scene where a bulldozer is driven through a greenhouse. At the time this episode was first screened, actress Catherine Rabett (also known as Katie Rabett) was the girlfriend of HRH Prince Andrew.

Filming Dates: Between August and November 1983 (precise dates unknown at present).

Bloopers: None found.

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