048. Get Daley - Written by Andrew Payne #4.10
Directed by Ian Toynton

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First Broadcast in the UK: 14th March 1984

While Arthur is visiting business associate Joe Harrison, Harrison gets an unexpected visit from some heavies representing local high-interest bookie and agoraphobic Albert 'Wendy' Wendel. Harrison owes Wendy a lot of money. Overwrought by the attackers, Harrison suffers a heart attack and dies. When Chisholm's snout overhears Terry and his friend Tony Apsey (Harrison's colleague) talking in the pub, Chisholm discovers Arthur's involvement in Joe Harrison's sudden death. With Joe Harrison dead, Wendy believes that his brother Vic should now inherit the debt. When Terry gets a visit from Vic, he soon discovers the truth about Harrison's death. Meanwhile, Arthur is in hospital and discovers that an operation to remove an ingrowing toenail is not covered by his private insurance scheme.

Cast: Glynn Edwards as Dave, Maureen O'Farrell as Sandra, Patrick Malahide as Chisholm, Roger Hammond as Albert Wendell, Ian Bartholomew as Keith Wendell, Michael Povey as DC Jones, Kevin Lloyd as Dermott, Brian Peck as Vic Harrison, Brian Osborne as Joe Harrison, Harold Goodwin as Dunning, Gordon Kaye as Sammy, Frank Mills as Harry Martin, Peter Alexander as Tony Apsey, Miranda Forbes as Nurse, David Hanson as Dr. Hills, Richard Warner as Fowler, Janis Winters as Night Nurse

Facts: Watch out for appearances in this episode by Gordon Kaye - best known as René from the BBC comedy 'Allo Allo' and the late Kevin Lloyd - best known for his role as DC Tosh Lines in 'The Bill'. Both on his dressing gown and pyjamas, Arthur has the letters 'AED' embroidered, which of course stands for 'Arthur Edward Daley'.

When a fellow patient Mr Dunning visits Arthur in his room he tells him the last time he was in, he had his varicose veins done as well as his 'Chalfonts', rhyming slang for 'Chalfont St Giles', a town in Buckinghamshire which also means piles (haemorrhoids). It is clear from Arthur writing a letter to Terry in this one in the middle of the night, that he is indeed actually quite fond of Terry and values him as a friend. The word that Arthur is unable to find as he is writing the letter is 'vicissitudes', which means 'changes in fortune'.

Filming Dates: Between Saturday 22nd October 1983 and Friday 4th November 1983 (likely).

Double Take: Ian Bartholomew (Keith Wendell) would later appear in #9.3 Uneasy Rider. This episode sees the first of four appearances in Minder by Frank Mills, who plays Wendy's heavy Harry Martin. He would later appear as Arthur's barber Len in #8.9 The Greatest Show in Willesden and #9.6 Gone With The Winchester and as an incompetent doorman called Eric in #11.5 Thank Your Lucky Stars.

Bloopers: Watch carefully at around 13m50s when Arthur tells Terry what 'PHATI' stands for - although what you hear is "Personal Health and Treatment Indemnity", George Cole does not say these words. If you wish to find out what he really says, join our Minder forum.

Title: A reference to the film 'Get Carter', a 1971 film starring Michael Caine (and Glynn Edwards!).

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