049. A Well Fashioned Fit Up - Written by Barry Purchese #4.11
Directed by Jim Hill

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 Work for Terry and Arthur is rather thin on the ground of late and when an old friend of Terry's asks him to mind his new Irish Boozer, Terry is only too willing to accept. Meanwhile, Arthur thinks he is in luck when two young villains Billy and Nigel offer him some cheap, but exclusive designer garments. Arthur approaches his fashion importer Ronald Shyvers in order to sell the gear on and expects Terry to mind some of Shyver's new designs. Unfortunately, Terry is unable to be in two places at once and Arthur agrees that while Terry is minding the boozer, he will take the role of minding the new designs. Arthur soon realises that there is more to Shyvers than meets the eye, when he finds out that Billy and Nigel are also working for him!

Cast: Glynn Edwards as Dave, Sara Sugarman as Zoe, Stanley Meadows as Ronnie Shyvers, Christopher Fulford as Billy, Gerard Murphy as Kevin O'Hara, Sean Lawlor as Eddie, Oengus MacNamara as Colin, Bunny Reed as 'Giant', Jack Chissick as Boutique Owner (Gerry), Richard Ireson as Market Stallholder (Laurie), Fleur Chandler as Fashion Buyer, Carole Harrison as Receptionist, Trevor Steedman as Nigel, Christopher Dunne as Irish Fiddler, George Little as Ted

Uncredited: Graham Cole as party guest at 07m14s

Facts: Uncredited extra Graham Cole is best known for his long running part as PC Tony Stamp in 'The Bill'. There is a particularly good scene in this episode when a mass punch-up kicks off at the Irish Boozer, which Terry describes to Arthur as being a right 'bull and cow'. There is a very brief scene in this episode where Billy & Nigel go around to Shyvers place - watch closely as this is in fact the series 7 lockup location on Hythe Road. This episode was being recorded as George Cole and Dennis Waterman's Christmas single What Are We Gonna Get 'Er Indoors? went on general public sale.

Filming Dates: Monday 21st November 1983 to Friday 2nd December 1983 (confirmed).

Bloopers: At 39m14s when Billy & Nigel go around to Shyvers place and turn left to drive to the rear of the building, where they reappear is geographically around 30 minutes drive away!

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