050. Goodbye Sailor - Written by Andrew Payne #5.1
Directed by Francis Megahy

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First Broadcast in the UK: 5th September 1984

When Arthur lands a deal to purchase a large amount of smuggled tobacco, he sends Terry and Arnie off to the coast to meet Commander Hawksly to collect it. As usual, Arthur has not put Terry entirely in the picture. Meanwhile, back on the manor Chisholm and Jones are in hot pursuit of stolen football boots, nicked from a close friend of their Chief Superintendent and throughout the course of their investigations have become aware that Arthur is involved. When Terry discovers the tobacco is illegal and that the police are on to Arthur and Hawksly's plan, he decides to throw the whole lot overboard only to collect it later once it has washed up on the shore.

Cast: Glynn Edwards as Dave, Moray Watson as Commander Hawksly, Patrick Malahide as Chisholm, Ray Winstone as Arnie, Sarah Berger as Penny, Michael Povey as DC Jones, Reginald Marsh as Johnny Winstanley, Rashid Karapiet as Larry Patel, Anthony Langdon as Harry Baily, Freddie Stuart as Van Driver, Marc Gebhard as Antoine, Peter Rutherford as Large Man, Bill Treacher as Punter, Derrick Fincham as Customs Man, Sandra Kneller as Secretary (Angela)

Facts: This is the second and the start of a more regular set of appearances by Ray Winstone as Arnie. He first appeared in #4.5 The Car Lot Baggers. The bulk of this episode is filmed outside London at Buckler's Hard, an 18th century village near Beaulieu in Hampshire, where warships were built for Nelson's Navy. For more information on the location, visit their website here.

This episode features a very memorable line from Arnie "It's the River Filth!" referring to a police boat. Moray Watson would also star alongside Dennis Waterman again in 1993 in an episode of 'Stay Lucky' as would Sarah Berger (Penny) who appeared alongside Dennis Waterman in the very first episode of 'New Tricks' in 2003.

Double Take: Freddie Stuart who plays the van driver in this episode later appears as Wigmore in #9.5 Opportunity Knocks & Bruises.

Bloopers: Listen carefully to Larry Patel, the newsagent owner at the start of this episode. His voice has clearly been redubbed at a later stage.

Title: Based on the phrase "Hello, sailor" - a proposition usually made to a male sailor by either a prostitute or promiscuous woman after that have been a sea for some time.

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