051. What Makes Shamy Run? - Written by Leon Griffiths #5.2
Directed by Terry Green

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First Broadcast in the UK: 12th September 1984

When shifty Indian 'Shamy' settles his £500 debt with Arthur using forged notes, Chisholm's suspicions are aroused when he is at the Winchester at the precise moment Arthur unknowingly uses one to pay Dave. When Arthur and Terry approach Shamy, he tells them he owes a lot of people a lot of money but can settle it all if he can sell pirate copies of a master tape of an Indian movie by selling it in Bombay. Meanwhile, Arthur has decided to set up the Daley School Of Motoring, although his first pupil is not really what he expected.

Cast: Glynn Edwards as Dave, Art Malik as Shamy, Patrick Malahide as Chisholm, Madhav Harma as Mr Mitra, Michael Povey as DC Jones, Jacqueline Reddin as Gayle, Chrissie Cotterill as Denise, Robbie Coltrane as Mr. Henry, Fred Evans as The Syrup, Albert Moses as Ajit Desai, Stacy Davies as Smudger, Mike McCabe as Hotel Manager, Moti Makan as Indian in Pub, Ishaq Bux as Elderly Indian Man, Rani Singh as Indian Housewife, Francesca Whitburn as Betting Shop Settler

Facts: A lot of this episode is filmed around the Brick Lane area of Tower Hamlets, in particular one small stretch of shops between number 67 on the one side to number 120 on the other. The Brick Lane area has always had a large Indian and Bangladeshi community. This episode is the first in series five to feature Terry's Capri with the registration EUC 223V. Taff Jones uses the Welsh expression 'Butt' in this episode when he thanks the hotel manager.

Bloopers: There are two minor car parking bloopers in this episode. At the start of this episode Arthur happily parks his Daimler outside 67 Brick Lane at the 'Modern Saree Centre'. However, when he returns to the same location later on in the day with Terry (around 12m21s), he is seen with Terry outside the same shop and his car is not parked there despite the space being free.

Also, watch closely when Shamy steals the video. As he gets into Terry's car and they speed off, they do so the wrong way down a one way street! Local Minder fan John G who has lived in the area all his life says as far back as he can remember Hanbury Street has always been a one way street. The fact that every car is also parked in an opposite direction in the episode itself would also seem to suggest this.

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