058. Around The Corner - Written by Tony Hoare #5.9
Directed by Roy Ward Baker

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First Broadcast in the UK: 26th December 1984 - Christmas Special

When Paddy Hurley can't pay Arthur what he owes him, he offers Arthur the opportunity of owning a greyhound instead. Arthur accepts the offer of "Daley's Deal", but soon discovers it's a non-starter. At the Winchester, Tasty Tim offers Arthur the chance of some cheap video recorders, courtesy of his two pals Fred & Ted - recommended as two nice blokes by Dave, due to them spending a lot at the Winchester. Down at the nick, both Chisholm and Rycott have received information regarding the sale of dodgy video recorders from an unknown source. After a dodgy meeting with Fred & Ted during which he gets distracted, Arthur soon realises Fred & Ted have conned him to the tune of three and a half thousand pounds. Terry follows Tasty Tim and eventually tracks down Fred & Ted and gets Arthur his money back. Realising Tasty Tim has had one over on all of them and with Fred & Ted now on side knowing Tasty Tim is a grass, all four set about setting up Tasty Tim for one last time.

Cast: Glynn Edwards as Dave, Peter Childs as Rycott, Patrick Malahide as DS Chisholm, Colin Farrell as Tasty Tim, Michael Povey as DC Jones, Michael Troughton as DC Melish, Tony Caunter as DI Norton, Brian Capron as Fred, Jeff Pirie as Ted, Arthur Whybrow as Paddy Hurley, Joy Lemoine as Lady in Flat, Sidney Kean as Harry

Facts: This episode features a memorable car crash scene between Chisholm & Rycott and is an extremely well written script by Tony Hoare that includes the complete cast of regular police characters. In this episode we see DC Jones seeking refuge in the Winchester Club, fed up working with Chisholm, Jones almost becomes friends with Arthur & Terry - a theme which would continue later in series 7.

Filming Dates: Monday 26th March - Thursday 5th April 1984 (confirmed). The crash scene was filmed on Monday 2nd April 1984.

Double Take: Tony Caunter who plays DI Norton in the episode would later reappear in #6.5 From Fulham With Love. Colin Farrell would later appear in #9.7 How to Succeed in Business Without Really Retiring. His character name 'Tasty Tim' would also feature in #11.3 The Art Of The Matter, although the two are not related. Arthur Whybrow who played dog owner Paddy Hurley would later appear as different characters in both #6.7 Minder On The Orient Express and #8.6 The Last Temptation of Daley.

Bloopers: Watch carefully at 14m50s as Arthur & Terry arrive at the common and get out of Arthur's car. Look carefully at the rear window of the car and you can clearly see the reflection of a boom microphone moving around.

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