059. Give Us This Day Arthur Daley's Bread - Written by Andrew Payne #6.1
Directed by Francis Megahy

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First Broadcast in the UK: 4th September 1985

When Arthur is offered a portable TV from ex-convict Godfrey, he and Terry soon discover it has been stolen from Reverend Redwood. The Reverend has been running a social club with the aim of providing rehabilitation for ex-convicts including Godfrey himself. Arthur offers to hire some of the ex-convicts as landscape gardeners for Mrs. Hurst, to whom Arthur has recently sold a car. While Mrs. Hurst's neighbours are on holiday, Arthur's team decide to burgle them and stash the goods at the local church. Meanwhile, Chisholm is hot on the heels of some local burglars and strongly believes Arthur is somehow involved.

Cast: Glynn Edwards as Dave, Patrick Malahide as DS Chisholm, James Booth as Godfrey, Sylvia Kay as Mrs. Hurst, Norman Eshley as Rev. Redwood, Michael Povey as DC Jones, David Jackson as Marion, Nat Jackley as Paper, Eric Francis as Glue, David Jessiman as Vincent, Geraldine Alexander as Fiona, Avril Elgar as Mrs. Bickerton-Jones, Ellis Dale as Mr. Howlett, Patsy Smart as Mrs. Foskitt, Paul Cooper as Ron, Roger Tallon as 1st Policeman, David Landberg as 2nd Policeman

Facts: It was at this point in the series that the scripts tended to include more comedy and less rough stuff and minding. In series six, both 'Glynn Edwards As Dave' and 'Patrick Malahide as Chisholm' can be seen as a regular credit for the first time in the opening titles.

Double Take: James Booth who plays Godfrey (shown in picture) also appears as Toby in #9.6 Gone With The Winchester. David Jackson (also shown in picture) who plays Marion in this episode also played the character of 'Big Stan' in #1.3 The Smaller They Are and would later appear again as a greyhound trainer in #8.4 Three Cons Make A Mountain. Ellis Dale who played disapproving church-goer Mr. Howlett also appeared as a magistrate in #2.13 Caught In The Act, Fact. This episode is the first of three appearances in this series by Winchester regular Ron, played by Paul Cooper. He would reappear as the same character in #6.3 The Return of The Invincible Man and #6.4 Arthur Is Dead, Long Live Arthur.

Bloopers: None found.

Title: A pun on the Lord's prayer line: 'Give us this day our daily bread'.

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