061. The Return Of The Invincible Man - Written by Leon Griffiths #6.3
Directed by Roy Ward Baker

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First Broadcast in the UK: 18th September 1985

Arthur visits tailor Solly Salmon, whose staff have been made redundant and are striking in dispute over wages and redundancy money. Solly looks to Arthur to find someone to break into his factory and stage a burglary, blowing the safe so that Solly can say the redundancy money has been stolen. When Terry hears this he is not at all impressed and returns to the Winchester, telling Arthur he is not interested and wants nothing to do with it. Arthur tracks down the Beesley brothers, who together with Scotch Harry attempt to blow the safe. When the break-in goes wrong, Scotch Harry is injured and the Beesley brothers dump him on Arthur and Terry at the Winchester Club.

When Arthur and Terry take Scotch Harry to the hospital, one of the nurses recognises Terry. Scotch Harry is keen that someone informs his wife, which Terry duly does. When Terry arrives his wife informs him that she has not seen him for eight years and Harry owes her £10,000 in maintenance payments. The next day, the Beesley brothers confront Arthur telling him they still expect some sort of payment for the botched burglary. On the trail of the burglars, at the hospital Chisholm and Jones visit Scotch Harry but are unable to identify him or take his finger prints because of the bandages he is wrapped in, which also cover his face. After being recognised by the nurse, Terry is questioned by Chisholm but Terry reminds Chisholm that he has the perfect alibi, drinking at the Winchester with Chisholm until very late. In order to keep themselves safe, Arthur and Terry decide to spring Scotch Harry from the hospital before his bandages are removed and return him to his wife.

Cast: Glynn Edwards as Dave, Patrick Malahide as DS Chisholm, Phil McCall as Scotch Harry, Anne Kristen as Margaret Stuart, John Bluthal as Solly Salmon, Michael Povey as DC Jones, Michael Sarne as Billy Beesley, David Shawyer as Benny Beesley, Anna Savva as Angie, Shevaun Briars as Nurse, David Shaughnessy as Doctor, Cleo Sylvestre as Ward Sister, Pat Roach as Painter, Paul Cooper as Ron

Facts: There is a rare scene in this episode where Chisholm is seen drunk at The Winchester Club, complaining about his job and the people he has to deal with as a policeman. This is the first time we see Arthur lend Chisholm money - the only other time this would happen would be in #6.7 Minder On The Orient Express. There is a brief appearance in this episode by Pat Roach, former wrestler and more recognisable from his role as Bomber in the series 'Auf Wiedersehen Pet'.

Double Take: A second appearance in the series by Phil McCall as Scotch Harry, he had previously appeared in #1.3 The Smaller They Are. There is also a second brief appearance by Winchester regular Ron, who informs Arthur the painter has fallen off the ladder - he had previously appeared in #6.1 Give Us This Day Arthur Daley's Bread and would also appear in the next episode #6.4 Arthur Is Dead, Long Live Arthur.

Bloopers: None found.

Title: A pun on 'The Return Of The Invisible Man', although there is no actual film of that name. It is 'The Invisible Man Returns', a 1940 film.

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