064a. Minder On The Orient Express - Written by Andrew Payne #6.7
Directed by Francis Megahy

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First Broadcast in the UK: 25th December 1985

When gangster Jack South passes away, he leaves his young daughter Nikki with some ambiguous clues about the location of his ill-gotten gains hidden away in a Swiss bank. Coming of age, Nikki is legally able to discover the remaining clues to where the money is actually stored away, with Jack South's ex-wife (Nikki's stepmother) and a string of former business partners hot on Nikki's heels all believing they are entitled to a piece of Jack South's fortune. As Nikki is attending her birthday party at the 'Roseberry's' club at which Terry is working, she is mugged by those looking for the information she holds and Terry bravely interrupts the mugging to help her out. Meanwhile, while Arthur was delivering a microwave to 'Bozz' Boswell, he bore witness to intimidation as part of a protection racket from local gangster Brian Gamage, known locally as 'Brain Damage' due to his violent tendencies. When Rycott and Chisholm discover Arthur was there during the incident, Arthur is subpoenaed in order to give evidence against Gamage, which he tries to avoid at all costs, especially as Gamage has found out about the subpoena and has sent his heavies around to warn Arthur it could be very bad for his health.

Realising that Terry is someone she can trust, she offers Terry and his girlfriend Annie two tickets to a trip to Switzerland on the Orient Express, with Terry completely unaware of Nikki's real intentions for wanting him on board. With Arthur now keeping a very low profile and doing his best to avoid the subpoena and Gamage's men, he realises that a trip away on the Orient Express with Terry might be the solution to his current dilemma. Arthur lies to Annie and tells her that Terry's wife and children have returned and as a result swindles his way on board the train, much to Terry's disgust as he was expecting a nice trip away with Annie. While on the train, Nikki tells Terry the real reason why she gave him the tickets and Arthur, Terry and Nikki soon discover there is no one on the train they can really trust as they all have some connection with Jack South or his legacy of crime - the only partial exception to this being Chisholm who has ended up on board by pure accident, seconded to work with Interpol for a limited period as an observer. Chisholm has his own problems on board as he realises Arthur and Terry could seriously compromise his position as he finds himself out of pocket with the expensive prices on board the Orient Express.

Cast: Glynn Edwards as Dave, Peter Childs as Rycott, Patrick Malahide as Chisholm, Ralph Bates as François LeBlanc, Robert Beatty as the Judge, Honor Blackman as Helen Spender, James Coombes as Mark Graves, Maurice Denham as Meredith Gascoyne, Adam Faith as James Crane, James Faulkner as Ted Moore, Ronald Lacey as Harry Ridler, Amanda Pays as Nikki South, Manning Redwood as Angelo Cappelloni, John Hartley as Jack South, Alexandra Avery as Young Nikki, Katherine Schofield as Deborah South, Arthur Whybrow as 'Bozz' Boswell, Karl Howman as Browning, Jesse Birdsall as Pope, Linal Haft as Brian Gamage, Jonathan Kydd as Van Driver, Linda Hayden as Annie, Frank Duncan as Bank Official, Dennis Edwards as Mr. Dryden, Patrick Field as Barry Hart, Michael Povey as DC Jones, Michael Troughton as DC Melish, Milton Cadman as Police Constable, Garfield Morgan as Superintendent Mason, David Beale as Car Customer, Richard Linford as Hooray Henry, Hans Meyer as Kurt Wengler, Katja Kersten as Karen Wengler, Virginia Wetherell as Debbie Moore, Debbie Arnold as Angelo's Girlfriend, Roger Tallon as English Waiter, Helen Horton as Judge's Wife, John Serret as Chef de Train, John Moreno as Claude, Colin Vancao as French Waiter, Daniel Rovai as French Chef

Facts: This is the second time in the series we see Arthur lending money to Chisholm, the first time in #6.3 The Return Of The Invincible Man. This is the first of two episodes where we see Arthur wearing a cream coloured hat - the only other time would feature in the anti-drugs special for schools, episode #6.8 A Little Bit Of Give & Take. This is the second of three episodes to feature all the four main police officers: Chisholm, Jones, Rycott & Melish - seen previously in #5.9 Around The Corner and the final time would be in the series 7 opener #7.0 An Officer & A Car Salesman.

Christopher Sprague who worked as the location manager on this production kindly donated some behind the scenes photographs to minder.org, click here to see these.

Double Take: Many of the performers in this special appeared elsewhere in the series - Maurice Denham (Meredith Gascoyne) also appeared as Billings in #3.7 The Birdman of Wormwood Scrubs, James Faulkner (Ted Moore) also appeared as Apsimon in #4.5 The Car Lot Baggers, John Hartley (Jack South - only seen at the start of this episode) also appeared as Bernie in #3.6 Another Bride, Another Groom, Arthur Whybrow ('Bozz' Boswell) also appeared in #5.9 Around The Corner as Paddy Hurley and later as a Landlord in #8.6 The Last Temptation Of Daley, Karl Howman (Gamage's heavy 'Browning') previously appeared as Danny Varrow in #2.12 All About Scoring, Innit?, Jesse Birdsall (Gamage's heavy Pope) previously appeared in an uncredited role in #2.5 Don't Tell Them Will Boy Was Here, Linal Haft (Brian Gamage) also appeared as different characters in #3.13 In, #10.1 A Fridge Too Far and #11.6 Till Debt Do Us Part, Jonathan Kydd (the van driver) previously appeared in #3.10 Broken Arrow and #5.3 A Number Of Old Wives Tales, Frank Duncan (Bank Official) previously appeared in #4.8 Willesden Suite, Milton Cadman (Police Constable) previously appeared in #3.12 Back In Good Old England, David Beale (the Car Customer) previously appeared in #5.6 The Long Ride Back To Scratchwood, Richard Linford (Hooray Henry at Nikki South's party) would later play a car salesman in #7.6 The Wrong Goodbye, Hans Meyer (Kurt Wengler) previously appeared in #1.3 The Smaller They Are, Debbie Arnold (Angelo's girlfriend) appeared in #6.2 Life In The Fast Food Lane, Roger Tallon (English Waiter) previously appeared in #6.1 Give Us This Day Arthur Daley's Bread and Garfield Morgan (Superintendent Mason) would appear in three episodes in series 7: #7.0 An Officer & A Car Salesman, #7.1 It's A Sorry Lorry Morrie and #7.4 The Last Video Show.

Bloopers: At 18m18s, when Terry is going to collect Mr. Roseberry's car, his girlfriend Annie asks the club's visitors if they are with Miss West's party. At 20m30s, the same two visitors are then seen sitting beside Nikki South at her birthday party table, so the name West was obviously confused with South somewhere in the script.

Title: A reference to the 1934 novel and 1974 film 'Murder on the Orient Express'.

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