065. An Officer & A Car Salesman - Written by Tony Hoare #7.0
Directed by Roy Ward Baker
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First Broadcast in the UK: 26th December 1988

Terry has just been released from an 18-month prison sentence as a result of Arthur having stored stolen video players at Terry's flat without his knowledge. Wanting nothing more to do with Arthur, he takes a job as a handyman for self-styled Colonel Caplan who runs para-military executive development courses. Coincidentally, and unknown to Terry, Arthur is supplying Caplan with dodgy military equipment for use on his courses. Unknown to Arthur, Caplan's latest military exercise is to ambush a convoy transporting genuine gold bars. Chisholm is on suspension from the police force following an enquiry into his over-zealous persecution of Arthur, and is now the chief security officer of the private firm providing security for the convoy. With Chisholm out of the way, Rycott, assisted by DC Jones, is now, more than ever, desperate to nail Daley. While they are at the lockup exercising a search warrant, they are captured by Caplan's men along with Arthur, Terry, and his new lady friend, and find themselves in the middle of the gold ambush.

Cast: Glynn Edwards as Dave, Patrick Malahide as Chisholm, Peter Childs as DS Rycott, Michael Povey as DC Jones, Richard Briers as Col. Caplan, Diana Quick as Angie, Mark McManus as Dixon, Simon Williams as Roger, Garfield Morgan as Supt. Mason, George Sweeney as Alfie, Clive Swift as Chisholm's Director, Al Ashton as Bindle, John Judd as Williams, Nigel Miles-Thomas as Mitchell, Gary Raynsford as Cooper, Gordon Salkilld as Gold Refinery Manager, Timothy Carlton as Assistant Commissioner, Iain Rattray as Police Officer, Jim Dunk as Prison Gatekeeper, Bill Leadbitter as Musket One, Martin Fisk as Security Guard, Sean Blowers as Security Guard

Facts: This was the second of two extended Christmas specials, the first having been transmitted three years earlier. There had been no new episodes of the show in the three years between the two specials. Scriptwriter Tony Hoare is reported to have been so angry with the way his script for this episode had been edited that he said he would not write any more episodes of Minder. In fact, he wrote three more for series 10.

This was the last of 24 appearances on the show of Patrick Malahide as Chisholm. It is reported that he was not originally intended to appear in this episode but was brought back after huge protests by his fans over his omission. Arthur has a classic line, in which he gives his own take on the opening line of the famous poem 'To Althea, from Prison'. Arthur quotes: "Brick walls do not a shovel make, nor iron bars a cage". He replaces 'prison' in the original with 'shovel'. 'Shovel and pick' is Cockney rhyming slang for 'nick' as in 'prison'.

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Filming Dates: This was the last ever Dennis Waterman episode to be filmed. It was filmed between Tuesday 6th September and Tuesday 20th September 1988. The scenes in Caplan's study were filmed on Thursday 15th September 1988.

Double Take: Garfield Morgan first appeared as Superintendent Mason in #6.7 Minder On The Orient Express and would go on to play this role twice more in series 7: #7.1 It's A Sorry Lorry Morrie and #7.4 The Last Video Show. George Sweeney also appeared in #2.12 All About Scoring, Innit? and #9.9 Last Orders At The Winchester.

John Judd also appeared in #3.6 Another Bride, Another Groom, Timothy Carlton also appeared in #6.2 Life In The Fast Food Lane, Iain Rattray played the Scotsman in #4.2 Senior Citizen Caine, Jim Dunk played Man with hedge in #5.8 The Balance Of Power, Martin Fisk also played a Security Guard in #3.2 You Need Hands, Sean Barry-Weske also appears (again uncredited) in #8.11 The Odds Couple.

Bloopers: None found.

Title:A reference to the phrase and 1982 film 'An Officer and a Gentleman'.

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