066. It's A Sorry Lorry Morrie - Written by Tony Hoare #7.1
Directed by Roy Ward Baker

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First Broadcast in the UK: 2nd January 1989

Arthur's business is bad and with used cars parked along the street, he arranges to rent a temporary car lot from Fat Charlie. Justin hears about a lorry-load of electrical goods looking for a new owner and passes the information to Arthur, who agrees to buy them from Morrie. Terry, unaware that the lorry has been stolen, is given the job of driving it to the new car lot, where it attracts the attention of a passing police car. Rycott and Melish, plus Jones and MacDonald all arrive on the scene and stake out the lorry, waiting for whoever stole it to show up. Charlie, who happens to see all the police activity as he drives past, alerts Arthur. Terry realises that his fingerprints will be all over the lorry and becomes furious with Arthur. Justin then comes up with a way to dispose of the evidence for which Arthur enlists the help of Self-Inflicted Sid.

 Cast: Glynn Edwards as Dave, Terry John as Bertie, Steve McFadden as Mickey, Ken Farrington as George, Ronald Fraser as Self-Inflicted Sid, Michael Povey as DS Jones, Robin Cameron as MacDonald, Mark Farmer as Justin, James Marcus as Morrie, Peter Childs as DS Rycott, Michael Troughton as DC Melish, Michael Stainton as Park Keeper, Roy Kinnear as Fat Charlie, Stephen Gray as Police Constable, Charles Baillie as Punter, Garfield Morgan as Supt Mason, Thomas Kett as Harry, Catrina Hylton-Hull as Launderette Lady, Chris Pitt as Teenager, Tom Owen as Keith, Claire Toeman as Young Mother, Aaron Mason as Peter

Facts: Roy Kinnear, who plays site owner Fat Charlie in this episode, died on 20th September 1988, before the episode was broadcast, the day after being involved in a tragic horse-riding accident in Spain sustained while he was acting in the film 'The Return of the Musketeers'. Arthur is driving a tatty Ford Granada YOY92S with Justin, proof he is down on his luck. In this episode, Jones has been promoted to Sergeant and now has a Scottish DC MacDonald. There is considerable rivalry between Jones and Rycott in this episode. Watch carefully as another character Harry seems to be drinking a lot in the Winchester Club. Claire Toeman who played Justin's young mum girlfriend had appeared in 'Comrade Dad' with George Cole earlier in the 1980s. In this episode we discover that DC Melish's firstname is 'Tom', referred to as such by Jones on the police radio.

Double Take: Roy Kinnear (Fat Charlie) previously appeared as a different character (Whaley) in #1.11 You Gotta Have Friends. James Marcus who plays Morrie had previously appeared as a different character (Bertie) in #2.13 Caught In The Act, Fact and as another character (Phil) in #5.6 The Long Ride Back To Scratchwood. Ronald Fraser who plays Self-Inflicted Sid had previously appeared as Albert Goddard in #6.6 Waiting For Goddard.

Bloopers: At 24m40s we see Arthur turn right into Sutherland Avenue, W9. At 25m21s we see him pass a street on his right with a telephone box and a letterbox on the corner with a white car parked alongside. A few seconds later at 25m28s we see him pass the same street corner.

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