067. Days of Fines and Closures - Written by David Yallop #7.2
Directed by William Brayne

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First Broadcast in the UK: 9th January 1989

Terry agrees to mind the Winchester Club for a day while Dave goes on a day trip to Folkestone. When Dave doesn't return, Terry and Arthur find themselves in charge of the Club, dealing with local liquor merchant Cooper and his heavies who are demanding repayment of Dave's £2000 debt and in court arguing for the Club's licence renewal. Rycott is strongly opposed to the renewal but Jones supports it. Jones does Arthur a favour to ensure that the renewal is approved and Arthur repays the favour. Justin finds himself working as a bouncer in place of Terry who is busy at the Winchester and Arthur decides to redecorate the club.

Cast: Glynn Edwards as Dave, Mark Farmer as Justin, Tim Barrett as Auctioneer, Paul Gregory as Rival Bidder, Johnny Shannon as Tony Benson, Del Henney as Tombo, Michael Melia as Fletcher, George Baker as Cooper, Colin Prockter as Reggie, Peter Childs as DS Rycott, Michael Povey as DS Jones, Robin Cameron as DC MacDonald, Thelma Ruby as Dave's Neighbour, John Nettleton as William Shanks, Thorley Walters as Magistrate, Tony Selby as Muldoon, Mary Law as Magistrate, Constantine Gregory as Police Solicitor, Patricia Maynard as Lucy Harris

Facts: We learn that Dave's surname is Harris and see his wife Lucy for the first and only time - this contradicts earlier mentions of Dave and his wife in the 'Number' special where he is referred to as Mr. Edwards and his wife's name is Doris. Lucy Harris was played by Dennis Waterman's former wife Patricia Maynard.

Although this episode is primarily centred around Dave, he doesn't appear in it that much. Another feature of this episode, first seen in #5.9 Around The Corner and which is seen again later in #7.6 The Wrong Goodbye is that Jones is seen being very friendly with Arthur and Terry to the point in this episode where he does them a favour - almost showing a certain friendship towards them. The other reason is of course, that he can get one over on DS Rycott as he objects to his opposition of the Winchester Club licence renewal. When the series was first repeated in the 1990s this episode was omitted from repeat showings.

Double Take: Several actors in this episode appeared elsewhere in Minder in different roles: George Baker who plays Cooper, appeared in a similar role as Altman in #1.11 You Gotta Have Friends - he later became well known for his role as Inspector Wexford in 'The Ruth Rendell Mysteries'. Johnny Shannon previously appeared in #1.4 A Tethered Goat and #5.5 Second Hand Pose, Paul Gregory previously appeared in #3.3 Rembrandt Doesn't Live Here Anymore, Colin Prockter previously appeared in #2.13 Caught In The Act, Fact and Tony Selby who plays Muldoon previously appeared twice as Rose Mellors' Minder (Jack) in #1.2 Bury My Half at Waltham Green and #2.10 Diamonds Are a Girl's Worst Enemy.

Bloopers: When Dave is retrieved from his prison cell in Hamburg (Northern Germany) at the end of this episode, this is done by two officers wearing Bavarian police uniforms - Bavaria being in the most southern part of Germany.

Title: 'Days of Wine and Roses', originally a 1958 teleplay/TV drama by JP Miller, later a 1962 film that dramatises the problems of alcoholism.

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