076. Guess Who's Coming To Pinner - Written by David A. Yallop #8.5
Directed by Diarmuid Lawrence

Guess Who's Coming To Pinner Episode Locations

First Broadcast in the UK: 3rd October 1991

When Arthur and Ray pay their respects to the late Charlie Johnson, Tommy Hanbury who is an old friend of Arthur's, persuades him to help with a 'job' bigger than the great train robbery. With the lock up under police surveillance, Ray sets out to discover exactly what Tommy has planned as Arthur keeps receiving merchandise at the lockup, all part of Tommy's big job. Meanwhile Charlie's widow has plans of a more romantic nature for Arthur.

Cast: Glynn Edwards as Dave, Nicholas Day as DS Morley, Stephen Tompkinson as DC Park, Susan Tracy as The Widow Johnson, Michael Gambon as Tommy Hambury, John Rowe as Superintendent Copeland, Dorian Healy as DS Cody, Gina McKee as Joanna, Hugh Dickson as Melville, Toby Salaman as Alan Kelross, Shaun Curry as Jeff, Robert Hamilton as Landlord, Hugh Armstrong as Station Officer, Neville Phillips as Vicar, Brendan O'Hea as CID Officer, Luke Sibley as CID Officer, Daniel Mitchell as Reporter, Mark Hopkins as Man in Pub, Michael Pallant as Delivery Driver

Facts: On the hunt for Tommy Hambury, Ray receives his first major beating of the series, though this is not seen on screen, only the aftermath. On the Australian Umbrella DVD release of Minder series one, George Cole states that this is his favourite episode title.

Double Take: Shaun Curry who plays Jeff had previously appeared as Sprott in #4.4 Sorry Pal, Wrong Number.

Bloopers: None found.

Title: A pun based on the 1967 film 'Guess Who's Coming To Dinner'.

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