080. The Greatest Show in Willesden - Written by Kevin Sperring and Bernard Dempsey #8.9
Directed by Derek Banham

The Greatest Show in Willesden Episode Locations

First Broadcast in the UK: 31st October 1991

After seeing Ray's friend old Barry doing well in pub entertainment, Arthur wants in on the act and together with old friend Monty, they locate a local entertainer and ventriloquist from a golden age, Tommy Pickford and his dummy 'Mystic Mickey'. Arthur soons ends up in a spot of bother when a karaoke machine that he has borrowed (from vicious family leader Mrs Gabadini) is stolen from the back of Ray's van. Ray discovers the person who stole it is none other than Barry, his old school friend. After causing a lot of aggravation for him and Arthur, Ray decides to get his own back on Barry and his mate Trevor, setting Barry up to sell the machine he has stolen back to Mrs Gabadini and her sons. They are not the sort of people who should be crossed.

Cast: Glynn Edwards as Dave, John Cater as Tommy, Emma Cunningham as Gloria, Harry Landis as Monty, Pauline Letts as Mrs Gabadini, Steven O'Donnell as Barry, Mark Duffy as Trevor, Denis Quilligan as Diarmid, James Ottoway as Percy, Frank Mills as Len (Arthur's Barber), Larry Barnes as Vernon, John Rutland as Colin Stamp, Jenny Logan as Manageress, Andrew Frame as Heckler, Jimmy Lambert as Luigi Gabadini

Facts: A second appearance in the series for Ray's girlfriend Gloria and in this episode they go out together for the first time to a karaoke event at a pub. This is the first time in the series that Gloria and Ray seem to be a real couple and Gloria is disappointed to see Ray's lack of commitment to their relationship.

Double Take: Frank Mills is one of a few actors to have appeared in all three guises of Minder, appearing as Wendy's heavy in #4.10 Get Daley and #11.5 Thank Your Lucky Stars in The Archie Daley Series. He also reappears as Arthur's barber for a second time in #9.6 Gone With The Winchester.

Bloopers: None found.

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