082. The Odds Couple - Written by Tony Jordan and Liane Aukin #8.11
Directed by Keith Washington

The Odds Couple Episode Locations

First Broadcast in the UK: 14th November 1991

Arthur is asked by old friend, casino boss and local gangster Lewis Nelson for help with his wife Lorna. Lewis knows Lorna's gambling habits are spiralling out of control and Ray is assigned the job of keeping her away from the casino for a few days at Lewis's country retreat in Henley. When Arthur finds out that a VAT inspector called Jenkins is searching high and low for him, he decides a few days away in the country is also what he needs and decides to join Ray and Lorna. After a successful game of roulette at the house for Arthur, Lorna convinces him that he is on a winning streak and asks him to use her special winning system back at the casino. Although Arthur feels some loyalty towards Lewis, he eventually decides to go along with Lorna's plan especially as Lorna has decided to pay Arthur's stake and split any winnings 50/50.

After a successful night at the casino, Arthur and Lorna decide to improve their system for another attempt at the casino. As they are discussing what to do, Ray gets quite a shock when he opens a black bag of old playing cards that Arthur's worker Eric has picked up by mistake, only to find it contains the large sum of £98,400 in cash. Meanwhile, Lewis and his heavies are trying to find out why cash has gone missing from his casino and why used playing cards are being repackaged into new packs, leading Lewis back to Arthur.

Cast: Glynn Edwards as Dave, Lee Montague as Lewis Nelson, Hetty Baynes as Lorna Nelson, Sean Barry-Weske as Ted, Helen Adie as Receptionist, Neale Goodrum as Eric, Louis Hilyer as Joe, Piers Ibbotson as Billy, Delena Kidd as Betty, Joseph Long as Carlo Vincetti, Anthony May as Roger

Double Take: Lee Montague previously appeared in #1.4 A Tethered Goat.

Bloopers: Listen very carefully at 08m11s as the two girls walk down the stairs and Arthur enters the gym. Iit sounds very much like a cameraman or one of the crew says "Blimey!" as the girls walk past.

Title: 'The Odd Couple' - a play that first premiered on Broadway in 1965 about two mismatched roommates.

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