084. The Cruel Canal - Written by Kevin Sperring and Bernard Dempsey #8.13
Directed by Keith Washington

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With traffic chock-a-block across London and the van playing up, Arthur is having trouble shifting a job lot of stolen videos across London. Arthur is under pressure to get shot of them quickly when a local Welsh hard man and former boxer 'Big Dai' comes sniffing around looking for clues as to why his stock of videos has been nicked. Arthur believes the only way to deliver the videos to his contact Two-Tone and keep out of the way from Dai is to do so by canal barge. Sadly Arthur's plans run into all sorts of trouble along the way, not least of all with Ray. When they finally reach their destination to meet Two-Tone, Big Dai is waiting there for them with a surprise that nobody expected.

Cast: Glynn Edwards as Dave, Anthony O'Donnell as Big Dai, Neil Phillips as Two-Tone, Trevor Cooper as Derek, Emma Cunningham as Gloria, Michael Goldie as Freddie, Cathy Murphy as Vicky, Metin Marlow as Canal Policeman, Richard Heap as Traffic Policeman

Facts: This episode was originally shown on Christmas Day 1991 at the later time of 10:15 PM, following the premier on UK television of 'Crocodile Dundee II'.. There is a good scene in this episode where Dave is seen speeding up the canal in a motor boat ready to warn Arthur that he is in for a major kicking if he arrives at his destination. Glynn Edwards is an experienced boating man and Dave unfortunately gets seen speeding, so it is assumed that he never reaches his final destination and never catches up with Arthur and Ray. Another interesting point to note about this, is that Glynn Edwards starred in an episode of 'Dickson Of Dock Green' in 1971 entitled 'Jigsaw' which is set entirely around the wharf where this episode's finale takes place. Watch out for the very good game of monopoly between Ray & Arthur on the boat where Arthur even does an impression of Dave.

The majority of this episode was filmed along the Grand Union Canal between Greenford and Ladbroke Grove - the area where Kensal Gas Works previously existed.

Bloopers: Not strictly a blooper, but watch closely as Arthur & Ray hit the bridge at around 43 minutes - there are clearly some on-lookers from the bridge as the argument continues on the boat.

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