085. I'll Never Forget Whats'ername - Written by William Ivory #9.1
Directed by Lawrence Gordon Clark

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First Broadcast in the UK: 7th January 1993

An old friend of Arthur's called Marty has escaped from an open prison and is seeking Arthur's help. Meanwhile, Dave has decided to enter The Winchester Club into a local quiz against The Winning Post from the Isle of Dogs. When Arthur is upset as a result of old family enemy Walter's dismissal of the level of knowledge at the Winchester, Arthur decides the key to winning the quiz lies with Marty who we find out was once a professional quizzer. As he's on the run, Morley and Field are very keen to catch up with Marty in order that he can serve the remainder of his sentence. With the law on Marty's tail and Morley particularly interested in catching up with Marty for a sale that put Morley out of pocket a few years earlier, Arthur decides the best solution is to put Marty in a safe house until quiz night. The safe house is in fact Ray's mum and dad's house. Unfortunately, the Winchester team of Arthur, Ray, Dave and Marty must meet to discuss tactics which means Marty has to come out of hiding.

When quiz night finally arrives and Marty is unavailable, Ray enlists the help of a surprise fourth person to make up the team.

Cast: Glynn Edwards as Dave, Nicholas Day as D.S. Morley, Jonty Stephens as DC Field, Allan Corduner as Marty, Kenneth Cranham as Walter, David Hounslow as Trevor, Simon Kunz as Anderson, Sydney Livingstone as Bert, Lill Roughley as Doreen, Bill Moody as Fast Eddie, Dave Atkins as Punter, Mark Brignal as Governor

Facts: This is the first episode to feature Jonty Stephens as D.C. Andy Field, who is given a significant role at the end of the episode. We later learn of Field's first name in #9.10 Cars And Pints And Pains. We learn that he is something of a former professional quizzer as he comes to the rescue of the Winchester Club quiz team. At the start of this episode we see some shots of Arthur's new lockup location, which has now moved to the Park Royal Estate - it would remain at this location for the whole of series nine and series ten.

Arthur's car lot has also moved in this episode, no longer on The Vale in Acton, it is now found on Churchfield Road also in Acton. Arthur also has a different car at the start of this series, more information on Arthur's Motors page. There is a minor link to previous episodes in this episode - when Marty goes missing and considers handing himself in, Arthur calls Billy from Bradford to be the fourth member of the team. Billy was first mentioned in #7.6 The Wrong Goodbye and later featured in #8.3 Whatever Happened to Her Indoors and #8.7 A Bird In The Hand Is Worth Two In Shepherd's Bush.

Double Take: Bill Moody, who plays Fast Eddie previously appeared in #5.3 A Number Of Old Wives Tales. Dave Atkins who plays the punter at the car lot who wants to buy a Volkswagen Scirocco before Morley & Field come along, also appeared as Kenny in #3.5 Dreamhouse.

Bloopers: Watch carefully at 04m30s as Marty approaches the quiz machine - although he has 25p in his hand in change he only inserts one coin into the machine, despite the machine clearly showing it is 25p per play.

Title: 'I'll Never Forget What's'isname' - a 1967 film directed by Michael Winner about an advertising executive that revolts against his boss - it starred Oliver Reed, Orson Welles and Carol White.

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