090. Gone With The Winchester - Written by Bernard Dempsey and Kevin Sperring #9.6
Directed by Lawrence Gordon Clark

Gone With The Winchester Episode Locations

First Broadcast in the UK: 11th February 1993

When Toby 'Tug' Johnson, a member of their boyhood gang reappears, Arthur and Dave fall out. As a result, Arthur tries his hand at setting up 'Arthur's Palace', a rival establishment to compete against the Winchester Club.

Cast: Glynn Edwards as Dave, James Booth as Toby 'Tug' Johnson, Sidney Livingstone as Bert Daley, Lill Roughley as Doreen Daley, Emma Cunningham as Gloria, John Levitt as Jimmy The Jeweller, Frank Mills as Len (Arthur's Barber), Peter Gowen as Dermot, Terry John as Winchester Regular, Aaron Harris as Winchester Regular, Terry Mortimer as Winchester Regular, Romolo Bruni as Carlos

Facts: In this episode we learn Arthur and Dave have in fact known each other for many years, who together with Arthur's brother Bert and Toby were all members of a gang known as 'The Backhanders'. We also learn Arthur's brother Bert has previously been in prison, where Toby was supposed to have helped him out while he was inside. Another appearance by Frank Mills as Arthur's barber, Len.

In this episode Arthur mentions to Ray that Nobby Green was used as a backer for Arthur's Palace. Nobby Green would later appear in #9.11 The Great Trilby.

Double Take: James Booth who plays Toby previously appeared as Godfrey in #6.1 Give Us This Day Arthur Daley's Bread. This episode is the third of four appearances by actor Frank Mills - the second as Arthur's barber. He first appeared in #4.10 Get Daley and would later appear in #11.5 Thank Your Lucky Stars. Terry John, who appears as a Winchester Regular in this episode, previously appeared as Bertie in #7.1 It's A Sorry Lorry Morrie. The uncredited actor who plays Mickey Carnes (the fifth backhander) (name currently unknown) can also be seen briefly leaving the dog track in #9.10 Cars And Pints And Pains.

Bloopers: None found.

Title: 'Gone With The Wind' - a 1939 film starring Thomas Mitchell and Barbara O'Neil in which a manipulative woman and a roguish man carry on a turbulent love affair in the American south during the Civil War and Reconstruction.

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