092. The Roof Of All Evil - Written by William Ivory #9.8
Directed by Gordon Flemyng

The Roof Of All Evil Episode Locations

First Broadcast in the UK: 25th February 1993

After receiving some equipment from his German contact Gunther, Arthur launches 'Daley Into Space' and attempts to break into the satellite TV installation market. However, his efforts to become a market leader are soon hampered when no one can understand the German installation instructions. Arthur's quest to become the market leader is also hindered by new employee Logie - a local electronics expert with form who has both failing eye sight and a fear of heights, which are not exactly suited for the installation of satellite dishes.

Meanwhile, Ray accepts an installation job from 'Fingers' Rossetti, a local hard case familiar to Arthur for all the wrong reasons. Rossetti's daughter Isabella knew Ray at school. After Rossetti bans any contact between Isabella and her boyfriend Steve who Ray also knew, Isabella asks for Ray's help to find Steve. This causes all sorts of problems for Arthur who never wanted the Rossetti job in the first place.

Cast: Glynn Edwards as Dave, Pete Postlethwaite as Logie, Philip Locke as Fingers Rossetti, Liza Walker as Isabella, Kevin Dignam as Steve, Simon Molloy as House Owner

Facts: This episode has one of the smallest cast lists in the whole series of Minder.

Double Take: Pete Postlethwaite had previously appeared in #3.12 Back In Good Old England.

Bloopers: None found.

Title: 'The Root of All Evil' - a 1947 drama film about a woman's ride to the top as she marries into money.

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