093. Last Orders At The Winchester - Written by Gary Lawson and John Phelps #9.9
Directed by A.J. Quinn
Last Orders At The Winchester Episode Locations

First Broadcast in the UK: 4th March 1993

The Winchester Club faces permanent closure when one of Arthur's ideas to celebrate its 25th anniversary goes disastrously wrong thanks to some bad handywork from ex-convict turned painter and decorator 'Heart Attack'. After Heart Attack knocks down a load bearing wall by mistake and goes missing it is left to the club's regulars to save the club from closure by raising £30,000.

As a result, Ray and Gloria decide to organise a charity football match against the local police - with DS Morley as the referee. Meanwhile, newcomer to the manor Vic, who has just opened a new pub around the corner seems to sit uneasily with Arthur - especially as another Winchester Regular is arrested and Heart Attack finds out the reason he was sent down in the past.

Cast: Glynn Edwards as Dave, Nicholas Day as DS Morley, Jonty Stephens as DC Field, Geoffrey Hutchings as Heart Attack, Gavin Richards as Vic, Emma Cunningham as Gloria, Aaron Harris as Barry, Barry McCarthy as George, George Sweeney as Little Pete, George Raistrick as Monty, Frankie Cosgrave as Angie, Julian Gartside as DS Thorpe, James Saxon as Harry, Michele Winstanley as Sandra, Basil Moss as Vicar, Dan Strauss as Surveyor, Anna Mackmin as Receptionist, Alice McDonald as Singer

Facts: In this episode we learn that the Winchester Club has now been open for 25 years. The final scenes of this episode are filmed at Southall FC's old ground which was demolished in 1996.

Double Take: Barry McCarthy previously appeared in #3.12 Back In Good Old England and #8.4 Three Cons Make A Mountain. George Sweeney also appeared in #2.12 All About Scoring, Innit? and the 1988 Christmas Special #7.0 An Officer & A Car Salesman.

Bloopers: Despite Vic's 'Hat & Feathers' pub often referred to in this episode as being just around the corner, in order to get there Arthur, Ray and Dave are still required to drive some distance.

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