094. Cars And Pints And Pains - Written by David A. Yallop #9.10
Directed by Lawrence Gordon Clark

Cars And Pints And Pains Episode Locations

First Broadcast in the UK: 11th March 1993

Arthur decides that if he can't sell his second hand cars, he will hire them out instead as part of a package including a pitch at a car boot sale and entrance to happy hour at the Winchester. However, Ray has a few problems with the customers and when hired help/Ray's friend Winston accidentally lends out Arthur's Daimler by mistake, this forces Arthur to take the only car left, a mark II Ford Cortina. DS Morley soon discovers that the Cortina has been nicked.

Meanwhile, DS Morley and DC Field are also investigating a string of local robberies, which Ray accidentally finds himself involved in after trying to promote Arthur's car hire package to a local woman called Linda. Ray takes a fancy to Linda but soon realises there is more to her than he first thought. Arthur is also keen to know why his Daimler has been taken for a test drive throughout the whole of England as he is receiving regular reports from the police about its whereabouts.

Cast: Glynn Edwards as Dave, Nicholas Day as DS Morley, Jonty Stephens as DC Field, Dhobi Oparei as Winston, Juliette Grassby as Linda, Rebecca Lamb as Sarah, David Boyce as Dean Cooper, Chris Hunter as Mr Jarvis, Andy Lucas as Tony, Chris Sanders as Phil, Alan Talbot as Taxi Driver, John Quarmby as Car Thief, Rita Gerza as Police Woman, Paul Trussell as First Policeman, Ian Minney as Second Policeman

Facts: In this episode Morley refers to DC Field as Andy. At the start of the episode we also see Arthur wearing a colourful tie with cars on it which is not seen elsewhere throughout the series. There are some great car scenes in this episode where Morley and Field suspect Arthur is speeding around town and set off in pursuit. Actor John Quarmby who plays the car thief who takes Arthur's Daimler is probably more recognisable as hotel inspector Mr. Carnegie in the 'Basil The Rat' episode of the BBC comedy 'Fawlty Towers'. Dhobi Oparei who plays Ray's friend Winston would later star alongside Lex Shrapnel in the film 'Thunderbirds' in 2004.

Double Take: Chris Sanders who plays bookmaker Phil in this episode, would later appear as Luigi in the final episode of the series #10.10 The Long Good Thursday.

Bloopers: None found.

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