095. The Great Trilby - Written by Bernard Dempsey and Kevin Sperring #9.11
Directed by Roger Bamford

The Great Trilby Episode Locations

First Broadcast in the UK: 18th March 1993

When Arthur learns he's next in line to inherit a fortune, he decides to set out to trace the ancestry of the Daley family down under. Meanwhile, Gloria's flat has been burgled and DC Field is on the case. When DS Morley nicks Arthur for forgery, it might just spoil his chances of any inheritance he might receive if he finally gets to go down under.

Cast: Glynn Edwards as Dave, Nicholas Day as DS Morley, Jonty Stephens as DC Field, Simon Chilvers as Bill McCabe, Pip Torrens as Muldier, Emma Cunningham as Gloria, Frank Baker as Spiky, Richard Avery as Dayglow, Simon Holmes as Nobby Green, Thomas Wheatley as Vicar, Michael Vaughan as Timmons, Margery Withers as Mabel, Richard Platt as Teller, Ian Barritt as Supervisor, Adlyn Ross as Receptionist, Sarah Carpenter as Secretary, Pat Rossiter as Ethel

Facts: This is the first of a three part story that sees Arthur and Ray go to Australia. This is the final episode to feature regular police officers DS Morley and DC Field who would not be seen again. This is the only episode where we see Ray's girlfriend Gloria's flat. Arthur seems to have an old Ford Escort stock car with the number 109 on it parked outside his lockup in this episode. At the solicitor's office we learn that Arthur is Bert's older brother as Arthur is quick to remind Ray that he is first in line to any inheritance from the Daley legacy.

We also learn some family history about the Daleys - Arthur's parents were called Albert Daley and Daisy Chandler, his grandfather Alfred Daley, his great grandfather Archibald Daley, his great great grandfather Alphonse Daley, whose mother was Grace Daley.

Double Take: Although Nobby Green is seen in this episode, his character is first mentioned in #9.6 Gone With The Winchester.

Bloopers: Not strictly a blooper, but when Arthur tells Ray to catch the bus at just before eight minutes to collect his Daimler, Ray's van was parked at Gloria's flat just moments earlier.

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