096. A Taste Of Money - Written by William Ivory #9.12
Directed by Roger Bamford

A Taste Of Money Episode Locations

First Broadcast in the UK: 25th March 1993

Arthur and Ray live it up down under as Arthur spends like a millionaire. Arthur soon realises there is tough competition for the Daley inheritance.

Cast: Simon Chilvers as Bill McCabe, Bill Hunter as Reid, Nikki Coghill as Susan Hamilton, Alex Morcos as Rod Thompson, Arthur Dignam as Geoffrey Evans, Robert Alexander as Concierge, Kerry Blakeman as Johnson, Boris Brkic as Ross, Diana Cole as Evans' Secretary

Facts: The end titles of this episode are slightly different to normal, this time set on a bridge in Sydney. During the filming of this episode, Dennis Waterman was appearing on stage in Australia at the same time as George Cole was in town filming Minder and according to George Cole, the two did not meet up to discuss old times - George Cole being on location all day and Dennis Waterman being on stage in the evening. Sadly, this almost crossing of paths did not transpire into a cameo appearance by Terry McCann and many see this as a missed opportunity for the series. Interestingly, this second part of the trilogy is written by a different author to that of parts one and three.

As Arthur gets on the plane in this episode, he is carrying a BOAC bag. BOAC (British Overseas Airways Corporation) was essentially the predecessor to British Airways that finally became British Airways following a merger with BEA (British European Airways) in 1974. Watch carefully at 05m17s, as Arthur is forced to put his things through the scanner at Heathrow, the date/time stamp on the machine clearly shows '20.03.92 16:08:59' indicating precisely when this scene was likely to have been filmed - almost a year before it was broadcast. Gary Webster states on the Australian DVD commentary for this episode that the Heathrow scenes were filmed upon returning to the UK after shooting down under.

This was the first of two episodes filmed on location in Sydney and has a slightly reworked theme tune. This would also feature in the next episode #9.13 For A Few Dollars More.

On the Australian DVD commentary for this episode George Cole mentions that he had no idea when they started filming series nine that he would be jetting off to Australia and that the film crew were in Australia for the best part of a month, which would have been in February 1992 as Gary Webster has stated they were in Australia on his birthday, February 3rd.

Courtesy of Steve & Naomi at Eldee Station and Adrian Bennett at The Mad Max Museum, we are able to show you some exclusive behind the scenes photos for this episode. Click here to see these.

Bloopers: When they leave Heathrow airport in this episode, Ray mentions that Arthur's passport ran out in the 1960s, which cannot have been true for him to have gone overseas in previous episodes such as northern France in #6.7 Minder On The Orient Express, Jesolo, Italy in #6.8 A Little Bit Of Give & Take or Torremolinos, Spain mentioned in #9.7 How To Succeed In Business Without Really Retiring.

Also, watch extremely carefully at 40 minutes in the hotel room as Ray tells Arthur he has some funny opinions of Australians, the scene is obviously cut with the separate take of Arthur leaving the bathroom.

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