097. For A Few Dollars More - Written by Bernard Dempsey and Kevin Sperring #9.13
Directed by Roger Bamford

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First Broadcast in the UK: 1st April 1993

Penniless and in danger of being caught without a valid visa and a huge hotel bill to pay, Arthur and Ray try as hard as possible to try and raise the money they need for the airfare home. As a result, Ray becomes romantically involved with Robyn, daughter of Des Collins who is an Australian wheeler dealer, very similar to Arthur.

Cast: Bill Hunter as Reid, Terry Gill as Collins, Danielle Spencer as Robyn, Robert Alexander as Concierge, Roy Billing as Davis, Mark Strickson as Swan, George Leppard as Manager, Boris Brkic as Ross, Nic Gazzana as Burger Stall Owner, Carole Skinner as Mary Maguire, Rob Hunter as Man in Pub, John Meillon Jr as Man in Pub, Hugh Wade as Receptionist, Cate Murray as Deidre, Michael Burgess as Policeman, Troy Rowley as Bellboy

Facts: Although Glynn Edwards does not appear in either of the Australian episodes, George Cole has stated that he is in them because they speak to Dave on the phone - that said, when they do call him he has gone looking for a pub in the south of England. Although stock footage of Bill McCabe features in the opening sequences and on the original ad-bumpers for this episode, actor Simon Chilvers is not credited as appearing in this episode.

Australian gangster Reid who had featured in the second part of the trilogy and previous episode #9.12 A Taste Of Money reappears with his heavies in this one. In this episode he mistakes Arthur for being someone with far more power and influence than he really has.

This is the first of two episodes in the Ray Daley Years to feature alternative opening titles - the second episode being #10.3 All Things Brighton Beautiful.

Bloopers: None found.

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