099. Another Case Of Van Blank - Written by William Ivory #10.2
Directed by Ken Hannam

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Arthur is visiting business associate and driving school owner Wally. Arthur wants to sell him some Italian navy lifejackets as body protectors, that Wally could use when he accompanies learner drivers. Arthur soon discovers that Wally is regularly involved in booze cruises to France. Seeing a profit in it and a way to save money at the Winchester Club, Arthur, Ray and (an initially reluctant-to-get-involved) Dave all head off to Calais. Arthur has a business contact in Calais, Henry Saunders. Henry used to be in London and Dave is sceptical about Henry's reliability.

When they arrive in Calais, café owner Madeleine mistakes Arthur for a soldier she fell in love with during the war. When all three travellers miss the ferry as a result of Arthur, they are all forced to stay the night in Calais. The next morning they discover the booze has been nicked from the van and report it to the French police. In an attempt to salvage something from the trip, Arthur visits Henry for a second time for some cheap booze. Unbeknown to Arthur, Henry's booze supply is coming from a robbery, for which Arthur is subsequently arrested as he's caught red handed with the gear. Arthur ends up spending the night in a French prison. When Henry the instigator comes clean and confirms Arthur's innocence, Arthur is eventually released from custody and all three return home with nothing, except a customs officer who is ready to take the van apart in Dover.

Cast: Glynn Edwards as Dave, Mylene Demongeot as Madeleine, David Simeon as Henry, Olivier Pierre as Rochelle, Peter Cleall as Wally, John Leeson as Passport Officer, Stephen Oxley as Customs Officer, Nicholas Mead as Matelot

Facts: Most of this episode is set in or around Calais and its port. In this episode Ray asks Dave about whether Arthur has ever played away and cheated on 'er indoors to which Dave replies "there's no worries there Ray". This would of course contradict Arthur's behaviour with singer Sharon in #1.9 Monday Night Fever.

Double Take: David Simeon who plays Henry previously appeared as an assistant manager in #7.5 Fiddler On The Hoof.

Bloopers: Watch closely at the start of this episode as Arthur crosses the road to go to Wally's driving school - there are a lot of interested on-lookers in the background.

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