100. All Things Brighton Beautiful - Written by Tony Hoare #10.3
Directed by Gordon Flemyng

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When Dave's brother-in-law and former police officer Henry passes away, Dave asks Arthur to help sell his sister Betty's caravan while Betty is away visiting her daughter. At the lockup, Arthur's old pal Sidney (played by Andrew Sachs) has been delivered in a crate. As Sidney believed he was going to die from a terminal illness, he informs Arthur & Ray that he asked a thug in a pub to murder him for 500 quid so that his wife could at least collect some insurance money. Furthermore, Sidney informs Arthur and Ray that he has since discovered there was a mix up with his tests and in fact he is in perfect health.

Unfortunately for Sidney, he has not been able to call off his own murder as he has not been able to track down the thug. Sidney looks to Arthur & Ray for help and Arthur agrees, for a small fee (of course). Using Betty's caravan, Arthur & Ray take Sidney to Brighton to keep him out of harm's way. While Ray heads back to London, Arthur and Sidney manage to blow the caravan up and end up stranded in Brighton without any cash, identification or Arthur's mobile phone. Back in London, Ray realises that Sidney hasn't been entirely straight with Arthur. In fact, Sidney had attempted to hire the thugs to beat up recently released blagger Bernie 'The Bosh' Beatty who is on the lookout for Sidney around the manor as Sidney was supposed to be looking after £100,000 of his money while he was inside.

Cast: Glynn Edwards as Dave, Andrew Sachs as Sidney, Peter Kelly as Bernie, Sheila Steafel as Sadie, Liam McKenna as Skinhead, Daniel Earl as Skinhead's Mate, Diana Berriman as Betty, Susan Derrick as Woman in Brighton, Roderick Nicolson as Traffic Cop, Stephen Reynolds as Receptionist

Facts: This was the first of three scripts in the final series written by veteran author Tony Hoare. As this officially marked the 100th episode of Minder, much publicity surrounded the broadcast of this episode, which does not feature the original Ray Daley Years opening sequence, instead replaced with Sidney arriving at the lockup. The episode also has a very sudden ending again, without the usual end credits walking along the pier that would feature in other episodes.

Double Take: Sheila Steafel who plays Sadie previously appeared in #7.3 Fatal Impression. Diana Berriman who plays Betty previously appeared in #2.8 A Nice Little Wine.

Bloopers: Watch carefully at 28m11s as Ray detaches the car from the caravan after they have parked up. As he bends down you will see the Volvo has no rear number plate but it is present in all other scenes driving both to and from Brighton. Also at 16m13s, the phone book alongside Dave's sister Betty's neigbour is slightly out of date when this episode was filmed in 1993. It is an old phone book from 1991 - these were replaced on 2nd April 1991 with a newer 'man blowing a trumpet' logo.

Title: A reference to the hymn 'All Things Bright and Beautiful' by Cecil Frances Alexander.

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